Study: female baboons have different characters

study: female baboons have different characters

Their study appears in the "proceedings" of the US academy of sciences ("PNAS").

The team analyzed the behavior of the baboons and assigned them three different personality types: nice, reserved, and loner. It was shown that the character of the animals hardly changes over time and that the personality is also perceived by their conspecifics. The team observed 45 wild female baboons over a period of 7 years.

Seyfarth and his colleagues studied the animals’ behavior in terms of how often they were alone, touched or hugged other females, and how often they were aggressive toward or attacked conspecifics. Grunting is considered a sign of friendly intent by baboons.


Controversial advertising: are sperm donors heroes??

Controversial advertising: are sperm donors heroes??

In the unlikely event that he were to outgrow the seed of james bond: donor child leonard F.* (the name is known to the editors) was allowed to know the name of his biological father. Apart from the fact that this will certainly not bond – the secret agent is for F. A red rag. The figure is one of three so-called "heroes", with which the erlangen seed bank is currently advertising seed donation on billboards in the greater nurnberg area. What is intended as an eye-catcher by andreas hammel, medical director of the sperm bank, makes leonard F. Angrily.

"Illegal agreements"

Leonard – and all donor children created so far – already have the right to know their genetic father. The federal court of justice already confirmed this in 2015. "In other words, agreements to the contrary between doctors, parents and sperm donors have always been illegal. It was even published in the "deutsche arzteblatt" in 1970, says anne meier-credner from the board of the nationwide association "donor children. Until now, it has been very difficult for donor children to realize this right, because doctors and sperm banks have not all documented their information as exemplarily as the erlangen sperm bank, and some of them have simply refused to give out existing information. "That’s why it would be so important to transfer this already existing information into a central register, so that the donor children don’t have to deal with uncooperative doctors and sperm banks", demands meier-credner. Donor children buried the new regulation

Which brings us to the topic: a year ago, a law was passed to establish a sperm donor registry, which will take effect on 1 january 2009. July 2018 came into effect. The aim is "to ensure the realization of the right to know one’s parentage for persons conceived through the heterologous use of sperm in medically assisted artificial insemination". The "donor children" association buries this regulation. "Even though we believe that the law needs to be improved in some areas, it addresses the need of many donor children to be able to find out who their genetic father is in a simple and unbureaucratic way, says meier-credner.


Hannover 96 fails to advance:0:0 against vfbstuttgart

Hannover 96 fails to advance:0:0 against vfbstuttgart

Accompanied by new rumors surrounding sporting director jorg schmadtke, hannover 96 has lost important points on the way to its third european cup appearance in a row.

In what was at best a mabby game at the end of the 28th minute. On the 13th matchday of the fubball bundesliga, niedersachsen only managed a 0-0 draw against vfb stuttgart. In front of 46,000 spectators at the AWD arena, defense dominated on both sides against harmless and despondent attacking lines. Significant for the game: referee christian dingert did not even have to show yellow.

"The teams neutralized each other," 96 coach mirko slomka analyzed the encounter. "We had too many technical errors."His vfb colleague bruno labbadia didn't really know what to make of the game either: "it was a strange game. 96-captain steven cherundolo still tried to find the positive in the muden zero number: "to stay without conceding a goal is important for us. As long as we play to zero, we score points."


Court rejects zschape’s motion for bias

Court rejects zschape's motion for bias

This is what the news agency dpa has learned from judicial circles. The motion was directed against all members of the senate for the protection of the state. The trial was continued late thursday morning.

Zschape’s defenders had argued that the senate had questioned a witness unilaterally and had thus shown a clear attitude towards their client. The federal prosecutor’s office had called zschape’s motion "absurd".

Two police officers will be called as witnesses on thursday. One is to testify about a neo-nazi from chemnitz at the time who belonged to a skinhead group called the "88ers" and is said to have procured explosives for the "national socialist underground" (NSU). "88′ stands for ‘heil hitler. The other officer had spoken to zschape’s elderly neighbor, who was helplessly holding out in the destroyed house after zschape had set fire to the trio’s escape apartment in zwickau.


Fire and flame for the ahorner geratemuseum

Old diesel engines rattle loudly, thick smoke rises from an ancient forge and ripe apples are turned into juice by muscle power. A touch of nostalgia spreads through the "old sheep farm out, when once a year agricultural techniques revive long gone times. This year, too, the museum festival attracts thousands of visitors to the idyllic ensemble.

Otto hauck, on the arm of his grandmother karola becker, watches with rough eyes as bernd ramster presses apples that are then made into juice. Grandma and grandson were allowed to taste the natural drink. "Gladly.", says wolfgang beyer (SPD) as deputy mayor of the municipality of ahorn "many grandparents come to the museum festival with their grandchildren". One generation explains the techniques to the next generation that they themselves experienced as children. The traditional festival, which is now being celebrated for the 33rd time, has lost none of its appeal, beyer notes.

One of the old favorites is the steam train, which farmers used to take from farm to farm in the fall to steam potatoes to feed to the pigs in the winter. At the museum festival, potatoes also go into the steamer – but the tubers are then served with quark or herring.


Full house at the schlappenfasching in unterzaubach

Over four hours long in each case went off with the first two meetings of this year in on fridays like on saturdays completely occupied landjugendheim freely after the dorfrockern "die lutzzzi off", the audience could not stop laughing in parts.

"Devil’s violin" one of the 18 items on the program, in which georg spindler, helmut baumer and his grandson jonas baumer will perform the song "und ab geht die lutzzzi" ("and off goes the lutzzzi") with an original constellation of instruments to gehor. Helmut baumer wanted his grandson to join the children’s dance group, but the six-year-old only wanted to join his grandfather on stage – no wonder, since he is one of the cornerstones of the zaungner schlappenfasching carnival. So jonas baumer had no stage fright at all and was completely satisfied with the performance afterwards: "my grandfather did a good job!" He noted.

The joint performances of helmut baumer and georg spindler, in which they review local events in a humorous way, could not be missing in the schlappenfasching and so they appeared this year as "state servants" at. They explained to the visitors why all politicians now see themselves as politicians of the middle: because they no longer know where the back and the front is. The bypass in stadtsteinach is no longer an issue, because for a long time now it has only been about the "bypass of the bypass".


Late second career – kubicki wants to go to berlin after all

Late second career - kubicki wants to go to berlin after all

Wolfgang kubicki has often driven his party leadership up the wall with provocations and allegiances. Those who thought well of the liberal from kiel called him a "querdenker," others a "querulant" – even nastier titles were circulated. Now, in his new role as the top candidate of the northern FDP, the 61-year-old, who has often made headlines, wants to move from the fringes of the political scene to its heart.

"After 21 years in the state parliament, it’s not only the increase in importance in the bundestag that excites me", says the talk show regular just three weeks before the election. He will most likely be able to talk professionally to more people in berlin than in kiel. His wife had also accepted that at the end of his political career he would once again throw everything into the balance "in order to maintain and increase the importance of the FDP".

So far, however, kubicki has never lasted very long in the bundestag. After all, he had already entered the bundestag in 1990 and 2002 via the state list – and had given up his mandate prematurely both times: the first time in 1992, after he had been elected to the kiel state parliament, the second time in 2002 after only two months, in order to concentrate on state politics again.


Wine festival of the lebenshilfe: steffi list and mosaik build bridges

wine festival of the lebenshilfe: steffi list and mosaik build bridges

Right at the beginning they had their rough appearance at the benefit wine festival of the lebenshilfe kitzingen in the casteller schlosspark on wednesday. The band, made up of four members of the lebenshilfe home, five educators and singer steffi list, set the tone for the traditional evening in the park. Mosaik is the name of the group that was formed some time ago.

Steffi list from schweinfurt, who is well known for her appearances on tv, wrote a song especially for the band, which was performed by the colorful troupe at the end of the show. "Building bridges" is the title, which is about the fact that every human being in the world, whether disabled or not, has his or her worth. The topic of inclusion, i.E., living and learning together of disabled and non-disabled people, is thus brought closer to home.

A cozy evening in the park

The aim is to break down barriers and inhibition thresholds, as was also the case at the wine festival evening, which is now in its 13th year. The first time the event took place in castell. Last year the event had to be cancelled due to bad weather, so the joy was all the greater that this time it was again a cozy evening in good weather outdoors.


What would you do if you were mayor of bamberg??

City fathers and the university agree: the quality of life in bamberg is very high. Especially in the warm season, bamberg can score points with its traditional cellars and a mediterranean way of life. The cathedral city also offers an attractive cultural program, for example. A young, dynamic cityscape is created not least by around 13,000 students at the otto friedrich university. With its focus on the humanities and cultural sciences, humanities, social sciences and economics, complemented by applied computer sciences, the university makes a significant contribution to bamberg as a center of education and science. But what do the citizens of bamberg think – about the city’s leisure activities, the housing and job market situation, the integration of foreign residents, the educational opportunities or the impact of the university??
In order to find out how the citizens of bamberg live, what they like best here, what they would do if they were mayor of bamberg and where the shoe pinches, the city of bamberg, in cooperation with the otto-friedrich-university, initiated a citizen survey. 5000 questionnaires will be sent out on 11. September sent to citizens of bamberg. The selection was made according to scientific criteria, as the initiators state in a joint press release.

Setting the course for change

Participation in the survey is voluntary, but the city and university ask for active participation. Why? A high response rate is required for a representative survey. That is why it is very important that as many as possible of the selected citizens participate. This is the only way for the city to have a data basis that will enable it to make important decisions or initiate necessary changes in the future.
The questionnaire was developed on behalf of the city of bamberg by members of the department of statistics and econometrics at the ottofriedrich university of bamberg. The data it generates will be expanded and updated in the coming years. However, the survey is already the most comprehensive citizen survey ever conducted in bamberg.
The survey is also made available online by the bamberg center for empirical studies (BACES) at the university of bamberg and can be accessed directly at http://online.Baces.Uni-bamberg.De/uc/babb2017 will be retrieved. Surveys completed on the paper questionnaire sent by mail should be sent in the enclosed return envelope to the address indicated on it by the end of september at the latest. The survey is completely anonymous.
For questions or further information you can send an email to [email protected]


Passengers remain without compensation in case of bird strike

Passengers remain without compensation in case of bird strike

From a legal point of view, bird strikes are part of the "normal circumstances" which cannot be influenced by the airlines. Therefore they are not to be made responsible for it. The BGH agreed with the lower courts in its ruling.

Two cases of tourists, who got stuck in the african gambia and in fuerteventura, because birds got caught in the engine of the airplanes were negotiated. In fuerteventura this happened at the start, which had to be cancelled as a result. The plaintiffs were booked on another airline and flown to hamburg instead of hannover. They reached their home with one day delay.

In gambia, the aircraft’s engine was so badly damaged by birds during the landing approach that a return flight was impossible. A new airplane had to be requested from europe, which arrived only after several hours. The BGH judges referred this case back to the regional court to clarify the details.