Speed skaters face winter without competition

speed skaters face winter without competition

The world championships in beijing canceled as an olympic test, no world cups this year: now the german speed skaters live on the hope of the "bubble" of heerenveen.

"The doubts and the restlessness became more and more rough. At last we have a fixed point to work towards again," said the new head coach, who was only appointed on 24 september. September appointed new head coach jenny wolf tells german press agency her feelings.

The fixed point, that is the european championships on the 16./17. January in heerenveen with two subsequent world cups on the following weekends at the same location. Due to the strict hygiene regulations – a required three-week stay of the athletes with the commute exclusively between hotel and thialf arena – and further increasing infection figures, however, there are still doubts about the staging of the event. The danger of a non-competitive winter does not seem to have disappeared for the speed skaters.


“Socially neglected”

Doris stadelmeyer, leader of the united services union (verdi) in western upper franconia, lamented a shift to the right in germany and in the german political scene at the anniversary celebration of the verdi local association in coburg. This will make it difficult for the trade union movement to voice its concerns. "Unfortunately, social issues hardly played a role in the election campaign", said stadelmeyer. In her speech, she gave the highest priority to the desire for peace, a good coexistence with germany’s neighbors and all people in germany. She also described the protection of the environment and nature, social security, a fair education system and a health system that is not geared to profit as essential. "A good life includes affordable housing", stadelmeyer continued. "Last but not least, there is the question of a decent pension, which will protect us from poverty in old age and enable us to live a life in which we can participate in social and cultural life."

She criticized a further increase in the rustic budget by about 30 billion euros to two percent of the gross domestic product. One side blow was directed at US president donald trump. "Peaceful coexistence certainly does not demand it", according to the verdi district manager. "But the money is missing where we really need it." Stadelmeyer also took a look behind the facades of the current working world. 21.4 percent of employees were working in mini-jobs. "The world of work no longer fits our world of life."

Stadelmeyer and michael blumlein, deputy chairman of the coburg branch of vered, honored numerous members for their loyalty to the united services union and its forerunners. Martin koch