Hausen wants to grow – inwards and outwards

In the zwickmuhle felt the municipal council hausen at the youngest meeting, which began only at 22.30 o’clock by a motion on the rules of procedure by franz-josef ismaier (CSU) before the non-official part was finished. Interior and exterior development at the same time, could that hurt us, was asked at various agenda items?

On the one hand, the municipality has acquired land for 1.2 million euros in order to turn it into building land. Therefore she wants to have her flat utilization plan (FNP) from 2006 revised. Two professional bureaus presented themselves to the council for this reason.

On the other hand, hausen submitted two projects for the "inside instead of outside" program: the demolition of the old fire station building (costing around 90,000 euros) and a revitalization concept for the former krone inn. Several years ago, this was supposed to cost around 900,000 euros; the proposal now includes a sum of 3.75 million euros for the main building, hall and barn of the inn property. The demand level is at least 80 percent.


Auntie-emma-store: austrians invest in schlecker stores

auntie-emma-store: austrians invest in schlecker stores

"I expect that by the end of next year, depending on the speed of our expansion, we will employ up to 3,000 people in germany," said haberleitner. Schlecker insolvency administrator arndt geiwitz offered him his support.

The viennese financial investor is, according to his own statements, an experienced corporate restorer. In august, he and his investment company TAP 09 had already taken over 1350 stores in austria and several other european countries from schlecker’s insolvency administrator and converted them into a convenience store called "dayli. About a week ago the austrian gambling company novomatic took a 50 percent stake in dayli. Together they now want to bring the concept to germany. The drugstore chain schlecker slipped into insolvency in january of this year and at that time still had more than 5,000 stores in germany alone.

"For me, the whole thing has no commercial aspect, it’s all about the humanitarian idea," haberleitner told dpa. He wants to give people back the convenience store, because according to his calculations, one third of the customers had no possibility to go to the shopping center on the green meadow.


Traffic jam at the clinic

The parking machine readily spits out a ticket, the barrier opens – but the hope of finding a parking space in the hospital’s parking garage is a bit dim. It is already steamed on the lowest level. Congestion. All parking spaces occupied. The next floors are no better: the parking spaces are reserved here. Is something still free at the top? The metal convoy moves slowly up the narrow ramps. The last driveway is blocked by a mercedes. Driver waits for a golf to clear a gap at the top. Cars honk. Nerves are on edge. The diagnosis is clear: acute traffic infarction within sight of the bamberg heart center.

"In the meantime, it’s just annoying to find a parking space at the clinic.", criticizes sylvia meichsner, who has to do rehab exercises at saludis several times a week. Despite the parking garage, it was sometimes only possible to get a parking space with a 20-minute wait. If at all. "The clinic grows more and more. Consequently, the number of patients and visitors will also decrease. It is becoming an imposition", grumbles the hirschaider.

"A catastrophe after 8 a.M."

Employees have to arrive a long time in advance to get a parking space, depending on the start of their shift. "After 8 a.M. It is a real disaster. Both for patients and staff", reports an employee. Especially in-between shifts, for example at 10 a.M., are difficult. And the new hires for the fourth bed tower also made themselves felt in the parking lot.


Free electricity filling station at the sparkasse bank

Free electricity filling station at the sparkasse bank

"Someone has to make the start", said reinhold muller, head of the municipal utility, at the inauguration of the first free electric charging station in forchheim. After the reopening of the energy-saving office and the presentation of the first electric filling station in the kronengarten parking garage, the savings bank takes another step forward.

The electric filling station is located on a grassy flat in the customer parking lot in klosterstrabe. Refueling is possible during the opening hours of the savings bank.

"So customers can get advice and recharge their electric batteries at the same time", says savings bank chairman ewald maier. The sparkasse wants to set a good example and hopes that the offer will be well received. Reinhold muller stressed that the price of electric cars is crucial to their acceptance. Electric cars are especially important for big cities, because their range per battery charge is only 140 kilometers and they do not emit harmful CO2. Sf


Two injured and enormous property damage

On friday evening, a 68-year-old seat driver wanted to turn around on the state road between bamberg and geisfeld in a forest access road in order to return to bamberg. When rejoining the main road, he overlooked a 19-year-old skoda car coming from bamberg.

The two cars collided, and the right side of the skoda literally shaved off the front of the seat. The vehicle parts of both cars were transported on a long of approx. 70 meters scattered over the entire roadway. Spilled fuel was spread across the entire width of the carriageway.

The damage to the two totally damaged cars and the costs of cleaning the road were estimated at around. 25.000 euros estimated. The seat driver was not injured. The driver of the skoda and his 22-year-old female passenger were taken to hospital for outpatient treatment by the ambulance service due to their minor injuries. Both cars had to be towed away.