The christmas symbol

Wolfgang desombre the light is the christmas symbol par excellence. With the ignition and passing on of the peace light from bethlehem – for 25 years – the christmas message "peace on earth" is reminded and the mission to bring about peace remembered. And it is remembered that peace needs diversity, tolerance, openness and the willingness "to approach each other".

"No one knows what form peace will take", once said lord robert baden-powell, the founder of the world scout movement. In 1986, the austrian radio station came up with this idea, which has since left a trail of light throughout europe. A light from bethlehem is to travel through the countries as an ambassador of peace. The light is the christmas symbol par excellence. With the lighting and passing on of the light of peace, those who are present remember the christmas message and the mission to realize peace among people. The light is always lit on 1. December in the grotto of birth in bethlehem by a child wounded. This year it was an eleven year old scout from austria. From bethlehem the light travels by plane in an explosion-proof lamp to vienna. This year it traveled on to linz. From there, on saturday, it was sent to all places in austria and to most european countries. The light is transported to the whole continent.

Scouts have been distributing the light of peace in germany since 1993. The old scouts of the guild weibe eulen from coburg have for the 22nd time. The first time the light of peace was picked up in nurnberg. "It was given to us by friends of the old scouts on their way home to saarlouis on the highway. Always on the third sunday of advent, it is distributed in several places in the city of vesta to all people who are ‘of good will’.", heike muller said. She passed on the light with a saying from the teachings of buddha to oberburg mayor norbert tessmer and many visitors to the christmas market: "true happiness comes to those who live in peace with their fellow human beings. The goal of all should be to learn peace and live in peace with all people. For never in the course of the world does enmity ever hoard itself by enmity. Love is the only way to extinguish hate. An eternal law is the."


Eltmann triathlon: culture, celebration, beer

Eltmann triathlon: culture, celebration, beer

Clubs and the town of eltmann work hand in hand when it comes to making a year full of variety. The calendar of events and the cultural program of the city of wallburg promises a lot for the year that has just begun. Both programs are now available in printed form.
The master craftsmen from the whole district are invited to the new year’s meeting in eltmann to talk to each other and to representatives from politics and society. This year’s keynote speaker is on 14. January president of the state parliament barbara stamm.
The carnival season is short this year. In the stronghold of eltmann, it has been starting for several years with the erection of the jester’s tree on 16 march. January on the market place. Other highlights of the fifth season are the "weiberfasching" on 4 may. February and the rough carnival procession on 9. February.

Political with fish

Almost as long as the carnival procession is the tradition of the political ash wednesday of the SPD eltmann, which takes place on 10. February at 10 o’clock in the sport home on the mainhalbinsel takes place. The cultural program kicks off on 20. February with the "multiple eargasms". Tenor streckenbach and pianist kohler have already thrilled audiences in eltmann.
There is something for every taste in the cultural program. The french crime comedy "a murder sunday" will take place on 9. April played. On april 22, the fans of udo jurgens will come to the musical tribute "merci udo" by michael zalejski at your expense. The cinema summer in the open-air swimming pool will take place on 14. August by a concert and dance event with the "cafe del mundo and azucena rubio" enriches. "A tribute to simon& garfunkel" presented thomas wacker and thorsten gary on 30. September. On 15. October, the idiocy gallops through the town hall, then "das eich" makes a guest appearance. The cultural program ends on a high note on 19. November with a guest performance by the duo "carolin no with their concert "still.
The SG eltmann celebrates its 150th anniversary. Birthday. On 5. March, the festive reception in the town hall is on the program. On 10. September is followed by a summer festival on the main peninsula. The hometown of the largest fruit and horticulture association in the district will host the district assembly of the regional association this year, on 18 april. March in the town hall. The colorful evening is for the 16. April in preparation.
On the 1. May marks the beginning of the pilgrimage year in limbach, and the pilgrims from eltmann, together with those from rauhenebrach, are the first to be welcomed there. On 28. May the parish of eltmann undertakes its traditional pilgrimage to burgwindheim.
June begins on the first weekend with the musikantentreffen in weisbrunn, in limbach takes place on the 5. June the oldtimerfest, and the choral society limbach celebrates its 115th anniversary on 19. June.
A summer serenade on the main peninsula is organized by the sangerlust on 2. July, on 9. July the philippines festival takes place in the town hall and on 10. July the parish festival. For the second time the "mainathlon" will take place published. The triathlon was a real highlight at its premiere and will be held this year on january 16. July is sure to attract even more recreational and professional athletes.

Cinema in the outdoor pool

Immediately on the following weekend the 23. Eltmanner biertage, and the juli-final point sets weisbrunn with the 50. Church anniversary. Also in august the calendar of events does not take a vacation, because on the 6. And 7. August the floberfest takes place in limbach, from 12. To 14. August the cinema summer in the outdoor pool.
Immediately after the first day of school, on 17. September the 5-star migration. For the martinikirchweih from 4. Until 7. November, various attractions are planned, and the sangerlust will be driving on 6. November the children’s musical "frederic up – and then it’s already advent. The tenth wallburg christmas takes place on the saturday before the first advent on 26. November instead of.