Wollbach’s playful class prevails

SV rot-weib obererthal – TSV wollbach 1:4 (1:1). Goals: 0:1 leo rottenberger (11.), 1:1 michael strasheim (36.), 1:2 simon markart (55.), 1:3 matthias albert (59., penalty), 1:4 tim ehrenberg (87.).

In the first half, the obererthaler still kept up well, according to informant lorenz brust. After the change of sides, the favorite from wollbach prevailed. Although the red women could only muster a thin squad due to injuries, vacationers and other hindrances, the team stood compact in half one – and loved against the much better and more broadly positioned tsvler little to. Only once the wollbacher came through. A long ball reached tim ehrenberger on the right side; he missed and passed into the middle to leo rottenberger: 0:1. The obererthaler itched little; especially michael strasheim voted in the middle – and rewarded himself. On a counterattack, johannes ruth served the offensive player from auben. Strasheim ran straight at the goal and tunneled the keeper: equalizer. In half two, however, the greater wollbacher class and fitness prevailed. It all started at the 1:2 mark, when a wollbacher played a perfect pass to auben. Equally exemplary the cross to simon markart, who put his header into the net. The will of the obererthal team was broken, especially when an SV defender clumsily crossed wollbach’s johannes kirchner, who was running towards auben, in the penalty area. The justified penalty was converted by matthias albert. In the final 1:4, the red-white defense had no chance of catching ehrenberg on the counterattack, and he expertly slotted the ball into the far corner from 18 yards out.St

TSV oberthulba – vfr sulzthal 1:3 (1:0). Goals: 1:0 marius schubert (42.), 1:1 jonas schmitt (50.), 1:2, 1:3 alexander unsleber (65., 75.).

A half time well held against, then broke in – that is the short summary of oberthulbas informant kevin voll. Reward for the good performance and partial control of the game was 1:0. After a corner, marius schubert took the ball on the 16-yard line, slipped slightly when shooting, but the ball still hit the left. In half two TSV lost the thread. Sulzthal came after a corner to the quick equalizer. A directly converted free kick by alexander unsleber gave the vfr the lead; the same player made everything clear with a goal from play. "The restart we have naturally imagined differently. But we have made life difficult for ourselves", finally judged. St

SG unterweibenbrunn/frankenheim – FC WMP lauertal 1:3 (1:1). Goals: 1:0 lukas kleinhenz (10.), 1:1 andre kebler (18., penalty), 1:2 daniel schmitt (53.), 1:3 stefan denner (59., penalty).

Burkard hergenhan, head of the SG, called it a "well-deserved victory" of title contenders FC WMP lauertal. In the first half, the guests were clearly superior, had about 70 percent of the ball – and surprisingly fell behind. The equalizer marked andre kebler by penalty, but only in the second attempt. After the restart, the guests put pressure on the tube. Daniel schmitt scored by head after a corner, stefan denner by foul penalty. The second-placed team then managed the 3:1 score. Although the power of the home team was weak, it was a good match in terms of fighting spirit. "We still had chances, especially through mario faulstich in the 87th minute. Minute", noted hergenhan. Rus

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