The eifinger host herbert steinlein is a seventy

The eifinger host herbert steinlein is a seventy

With herbert steinlein, a distinguished gastronome celebrated his 70th birthday. Birthday. His great-grandfather johann steinlein founded the neufang inn around 1860, and today his son steffen is carrying on the business in the fifth generation. Just as the business passed from father to son, many of the guests are already in the second and third generation, and the cozy restaurant is often full.
Mayor hermann anselstetter emphasized in his humorous laudation that not only an innkeeper but also a distiller full of passion, a biologist, a chemist, a mathematician and a distiller of the top class had grown out of the educational system of the eifinger village school.

Frankish kuche

Together with his wife marianne, herbert steinlein focuses on typical french cuisine. In the dorirtshaus there were no french fries on the plate. The jubilarian is always burning with new ideas, says anselstetter. He has built a tennis court, created a beautiful beer garden and further developed the distillery. He celebrated the schnapps rehearsals in a mixture of lecture and event. "You root your expert reckonings with anecdotes and bon mots. You are indeed a great ambassador of our climatic health resort wirsberg."

A passionate distiller

Originally, herbert steinlein had learned the butcher’s trade as a young lad, but over the years he devoted himself more and more to the family’s fruit distillery and in doing so sparked off a real passion. The distilling right has been documented on the property since 1794: 300 liters of vinous spirit may be produced per year, which results in a good 700 liters of schnapps, which are, however, rarely exhausted. Only home-grown fruit is used in the firepot. While his ancestors only distilled corn and plums, the jubilarian also harvests apples, pears, mirabelle plums, quince and wild cherries from his meadow orchard. The fruit must remain on the tree as long as possible to form fructose, and it must be picked carefully. No stalk, no leaf, no rotten spot may contaminate the mash.
Nothing is added, no yeast, no sugar, no sulfur, no natural flavorings.
Among the guests was district administrator klaus peter sollner, who congratulated herbert steinlein warmly: "for me you are always an extremely positive person and with your attitude of maintaining a typical french economy, you are a flagship of the enjoyment region upper franconia. French hospitality is lived in the family." Rei.

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