New building for old brewery?

New building for old brewery?

The mayors and municipal councils waited with bated breath for the presentation by roder architekten gmbh (nurnberg) on the current planning status of the "schlossbrauhaus" site in trabelsdorf. The angularity of the building and the interlocking of the rooms on different levels with wooden floors do not allow a modern use. Therefore, the most economical option would have been to demolish the structure, which is not a listed building, and then to erect a new building on the basement level or on the ground floor. On the old foundations.

The old cubature had to be preserved, because otherwise the legal distances had to be observed, which in turn resulted in a narrower building footprint. Architect michael roder pointed out the special opportunity that, in connection with the new use of the trabelsdorf castle, vertical barrier-free access could be achieved with a glass tower as a connecting building, so that the elevator and staircase were accessible from both sides – from the castle through a glass corridor.

The doctor’s office on the first floor of the castle has reached its limits. A new plan is therefore to leave the hall open to the public, and also to include administrative offices there. The rooms of the medical care center (MVZ) in trabelsdorf could be accommodated on the second floor, because a specialist practice needs about 250 to 300 square meters of floor space to be profitable. The second floor could be used for modern forms of living, as a shared room with its own apartment, or for senior citizens or young people.

Administration in the new building

The rooms needed for the administration could be extended to the new building. Three floors were planned, following the example of the old building, but the finishing of the top floor could be postponed for the time being in order to save money. Also a renting as buroraume, for health/specialist practices or similar could be imagined.

When the discussion came to the expected costs, tassilo tratz of the architects’ office roder replied that the demolition and disposal costs of the brewery already amounted to 500,000 euros. In addition, the castle was drained and gutted. In the end, a net construction sum of around five million euros was achieved. Since there were various possible requirements for such a project, such as the activation of vacancies in the town center, "inside instead of outside -, mayor michael bergrab (upl) made grants available. However, these could only be brought to light when a preliminary building application was submitted in order to obtain legal certainty.

With regard to the narrow place to the street – what a "needle-ear" the discussion led to the suggestion that the building could be turned in a little to widen the distance to the roadway. With this additional remark, the architekturburo roder (nurnberg) was unanimously commissioned to submit a preliminary building application on the basis of the explained planning. However, it was also agreed that these were "the biggest chunks" the community of lisberg had ever reached.

Successful service

What began as an experiment can be described as a success, as mayor bergrab commented on the review of the first bufdi (participant in the federal voluntary service), who has been working for the municipality since april 2018. This was not a young person who gave his labor for the common good with voluntary, public service and unpaid work. Stephan dubel prepared for the project under the heading of "nature and the environment" in preparation for his early retirement.

The twelve teaching units at "nabu (nature conservation association of germany) referred to a sustainable action of the federal volunteer: pruning of fruit trees, planting of a birch avenue, renovation of the bird watching tower in the castle park as well as repair of the children’s playground equipment, such as children’s carousel or nest swing. The creation of a herb garden with a wide variety of peppermint plants, the construction of 30 nesting boxes and the installation of a "frog fence at the "treu (trabelsdorf) were only some of the highlights of his activities last year. The main focus was on the "overhaul of the hiking trail network", whose signposting was often criticized by tourists. To this dubel mentioned also the sacrificial employment of all involved ones, which stood for it with material or work achievement aside. As a final product of his commendable and thankful service – according to bergrab – the federal volunteer was able to present the freshly printed copies of "hiking trails of the community of lisberg in the steigerwald" to the municipal council and the audience present (edition: 1200 pieces). For the coming year, a 17-year-old youth has already been recruited as a bufdi in the community.

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