Municipal council inspects flooded area in drosendorf

The members of the eggolsheim building committee had to go over hill and dale. Engineer thomas huppe led the council members over a steep path into a forest hut near drosendorf. The destination of the small excursion was a private property whose owners had complained to the municipality.

For about 25 years, surface water has been flowing over the communal field path and is led through pipes to the private forest property in question. The previous owners had obviously not been bothered by this for a quarter of a century. The new owner, however, is so angry about this state of affairs that she intends to take legal action if the municipality does not stop the inflow. Several trees have suffered from the water, she claims.

Why is there a pipe at all?? "There is a gas pipeline there. For this reason the path and the pipe were created at that time", explained engineer huppe to the building committee members.
Since the matter has been known to the municipal administration for a little more than a year, possible solutions have already been sought. Several on-site meetings have already taken place with the district office, the water management office and the district forester.

In bad condition
Since the water comes from the forest and flows back into the forest, no authority feels responsible for the water.

Now the community of eggolsheim wants to divert the water in the opposite direction by means of a crosscut, so that it can flow away via a side ditch and a pipe over the community's flat land. "We'll see what it's worth and refrain from making any further calls for the time being", said mayor claus schwarzmann (BB).

Next, the building committee visited a cross by the pond in drosendorf. At the last castle meeting in drosendorf, the desire to have it restored had arisen. The cross that pilgrims erected after the war is also close to roswitha schirner's heart. She regularly decorates the cross with flowers. "Many hikers come by to see it", she said. The horticultural society had already lovingly prepared the cross a few years ago.

Now the wooden corpus, which is in a bad condition, had to be replaced by a new one. The municipality first wants to get some offers for a new corpus. Finally, the building committee members set out to investigate another matter about which drosendorfers had complained at the burgers' meeting.

Allegedly, two access roads to a riding stable were built on the bypass road in drosendorf without permission, and the bed of the "scheerbach" was also destroyed narrowed down to create parking spaces. The piping that runs underneath the access roads is too small. "The upper access road is completely illegal", means engineer huppe then also locally. One consequence of this was that the owners had to carry out a jerk construction.

Schwarzmann lets be tested
but the owners are not at all enthusiastic about this idea and instead point out that the municipality's building yard was also involved in it. "We are looking to talk to the residents and check this out", said schwarzmann later.

Arnulf koy (CSU), however, also sees something positive in the extension of the parking strip. "Now the traffic comes better", said. Schwarzmann promised to take this opinion into account.

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