Mistcapala in the rossini hall: whimsical types with wacky instruments

Mistcapala in the rossini hall: whimsical types with wacky instruments

"That was a banana joke! It still has to mature!" – this remark is probably the final sentence for the performance of the men’s quartet "mistcapala" in the rossini hall in bad kissingen. Only in retrospect the qualities of the four multi-instrumentalists, who entertained not only with musical ability, but also with whimsical linguistic wit and satire, became apparent.

Mistcapala are four old men dressed in a gray uniform look. They stand on the stage in the midst of a collection of instruments and entertain the audience, which unfortunately numbers just under 100, at the beginning with the usual phrases that – in the opinion of the artists – probably have to be brought to a health resort. They describe the rossini hall as "simple but clean", a warm welcome was extended to the younger generation, i.E. Those under 80 years of age, and the program title was "tinkering with residual hair" or "granufink instead of champagne" appropriate. The program, however, is called "sausage instead of cheese" and was incomprehensibly allocated by a european commission responsible for the cabaret. "Let’s make the best of it!", was then the common motto of artist and audience. In the course of the evening tobias klug, armin federl, vitus fichtl and tom hake will joke their way through different topics, before they dissect them musically and work out the humorous-satirical sides.

For their quite subtle treatment of the everyday scenes, the four gentlemen used double bass, guitar, ukulele, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, clarinet, accordion, flute, harmonica and something as exotic as a "theremin", an electronic instrument that is played without contact and yet produces direct sound. Tom hake received much applause for his presentation of this historical device, the story of whose creation enriched the evening with "interesting facts about abundance" extended. In general tom hake was the "front man" of the male quartet, who hosted the evening and made many a song special with his variable voice. But each of the four had his part in the course of the two-hour concert. All in all, it was a well-balanced production of many entertaining episodes. The musicians didn’t want to get bored, and kept going back to familiar songs or everyday scenarios.

In a satire of "germany is looking for a superstar the musicians were looking for the "super sausage in reference to the program title. He unmasked dieter bohlen’s comments as a paraphrase for "that was a shitty song". Criticism was voiced on facebook and the request "click me – I was so happy to be your friend", which denounced the human loneliness behind the whole communication craze. The show continued with a clever lyric to kraftwerk’s 1978 hit "sie ist ein modell" (she is a model) and with far eastern wisdom, which ended with the carl douglas hit "kung fu fighting" from 1974 was deposited. The "bohemian rhapsody" was beautifully interpreted from queen as a popularly stupid interlude with a czech twist of the tongue. The four award-winning gentlemen from landsberg am lech had it out with other tongues: be it saxonian or swabian dialect moderations or a country stucco about ronny rakete and his wet man’s dream of the mormons.

Mistcapala not only scratched the surface with their humor, but if you listened closely, they also offered profound entertainment. The four of them did not want to poke around too painfully in the wounds of society with their cabaret-style pointing fingers. Humorous and entertaining, authentic and a little bit like "the show with the mouse for adults – so they came ruber and the audience thanked him with rhythmic clapping and shouts of enthusiasm, which in turn was answered with a costume-persiflage on the sprawling medieval markets as encore.

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