Jahn forchheim cannot lean back

Jahn forchheim cannot lean back

The still undefeated forchheim team, which has scored ten points in its four games to date and is third in the new league with a score of 12:7, will have to prepare for a heiben tanz, because the wagner-stadt team is already under pressure to succeed with a six-point gap to the leaders. With a "triple they want to at least catch up with the jahn team in the standings.

Without pressure to bayreuth

Forchheim's coach michael hutzler is relaxed about the game at the renowned opponent, because his team has done an outstanding job so far and can now go into the match without any pressure. Around the heavy task in bayreuth is itself the coach however consciously: "we stand before a difficult auswartsspiel, the bayreuther are after the victory in schweinfurt clearly in the auartstrend. We will certainly have to call up 100 percent of our performance potential if we want to survive."

In his opinion, it will be important to be better defensively than in the past games, because "despite the strong start to the season, we are getting too many goals against".

Playing off offensive strengths

But since the jahn is very strong in attack, the supposed weakness had no effect so far. If the forchheim offensive department can also set accents in bayreuth, the desired point gain is certainly feasible. The hosts also seem to have their weak points in defense. Seven goals scored against and nine goals scored by the visitors themselves.

With a point win, the jahnler were probably also in the next few weeks in the front, because the upcoming opponents kleinrinderfeld and trogen are not quite so strong to assess. These prospects must be an additional incentive for the players to get down to business from the very first minute in today's meeting. Missing from the sander game will be messingschlager, who has sustained a band injury.

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