Good location for special vehicles

Good location for special vehicles

The state of bavaria has stationed a special firefighting vehicle in marktrodach. With the so-called modular emergency kit for floods (MGH), the team is well equipped for flood operations. Bavaria’s interior minister joachim hermann has purchased a total of 82 of these vehicles, four of which are in upper franconia and one of which is in the district of kronach.

The blessing and handover of the MGH also took place in the course of the annual hall festival with a church service in the fire station. Pastor detlef potzl celebrated the mass with his protestant colleague pastor andreas krauter.

Commander andre wich had pointed out the technical details of the vehicle. No municipal contribution was necessary for the MGH because it was financed exclusively by the state. It is used in supra-regional operations such as severe flooding, which is becoming increasingly likely in the region due to extreme weather conditions.

Deputy district administrator gerhard wunder thanked the marktrodach fire department for taking care of and taking over the additional vehicle. Mayor norbert grabner spoke of a good location for the vehicle due to its central location.

From marktrodach, the rodachtal valley, which is at risk of flooding, can be reached quickly and safely. District fire chief joachim ranzenberger spoke of a joyous event. "I know that the vehicle is in a good stable with you", he said to the firefighters.

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