Dschungelcamp 2018: matthias and the network – “mangiapane swallows everything”

Dschungelcamp 2018: matthias and the network -

The new season of the reality show "i'm a star – get me out of here!" Has started the twelfth round. And it's not just the australian jungle that's in the news. The viewers' reactions on facebook and twitter fluctuate between "why is anyone watching this??" And "who do i want to see suffer in the next jungle test??"

Some people lament about daniele and his cigarette withdrawal, while others cheer for matthias mangiapane when he has to survive one test after another with cow urine and pig semen in his mouth.

RTL jungle camp 2018: the viewers have voted out the first celebrity

This year, too, the RTL show is not sparing in its disgusting praise. And the electoral frenchman mangiapane is a familiar sight in this respect. The viewers seem to have found a victim in him who they can torture every day in the jungle trial. Because: "mangiapane swallows everything", writes a fan on twitter. The reality TV celebrity knows exactly how to attract attention.

"I thought there was a dying cat howling"

So the viewers in the network have the wish to the "dear jungle fairy: matthias makes the next five tests alone". Others wonder why mangiapane doesn't understand that "thanks to his constant grumbling, he will be elected to every other test". Yet that seems to be exactly the plan of the drama queen of the 2018 jungle camp. Again other fans are only happy about "the one good news: at least we don't have to fear a jungle song from matthias after IBES". If the viewers don't swap, because the 34-year-old has already released one album and two singles. This was certainly not all fans of the camp happy. "I thought there howled a dying cat lady. But it was only a singing matthias", lastert in the net one about mangiapane's apparently non-existent singing skills.

On the net the vices take no end. Many viewers feel sorry not for the contestants, but for the animals of the australian jungle. A fan tweeted a picture of mangiapane with the comment: "that face would make me run away like a cockroach". Some wonder if he "wrote his own wikipedia entry", because he is never 34.

Daniele as "aggro-smoker"

Daniele also discovered the drama and attention for himself in the jungle review with mangiapane on day seven of the camp. With his nicotine withdrawal he plays himself into the center of attention. On the net, viewers have already nicknamed him "aggro-smoker" missed. Others finally want cigarettes for the ex-DSDS contestant, because they "can't stand the bitching anymore".

Jungle camp 2018: cockroach in the ear and cigarette withdrawal – is daniele going crazy now??

"The female brazilian took a longboard with him to the jungle camp. What the hell?", some viewers wonder where the intelligence of some of the candidates has remained. Many still wonder who some celebrities or rather self-promoters are at all. "And germany just so on google: how do you know jenny frankhauser? Matthias mangiapane wiki? Who is sandra steffl and tina york??", tweeted one screenshots from his google searches. Another fan brings the proposal to change the jungle camp in "i am a person whose name you have never heard, i need money, leave me in here" rename.

Further suggestions for improvement for the next episodes from the australian bush are also included: "the show became incredibly winning when our tweets were run through the picture in a news ticker below." Or "maybe RTL should just put a message at the beginning of the show, à la: attention, watch at your own risk!", are suggestions that RTL could take into account in the next few days.

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