Burgerspital hammelburg: praise and money for nurses

Several times mayor armin warmuth (CSU) praised the "extraordinary performance" in the youngest meeting of the foundation committee the employee in the burgerspital: "the majority of the population and we from the administration know what has been achieved here." This was also echoed by city councillors, for example dr. Reinhard schaupp (SPD), who helped test residents and staff at short notice: "the staff did everything they could to keep the facility running." And there was not only praise, but also money for the caregivers.

A special arrangement for disasters made it possible, among other things, to pay out 130 euros a month tax-free in catering costs, warmuth reported. In addition, according to the director of the home, guido gombarek, 28 of the 36 employees will receive the care bonus with their july salary, i.E. Up to 1000 euros extra for full-time employees. The remaining eight employees were currently not yet meet the requirements. In addition, the mayor referred to private donations for the staff.

Anger over accusations

At the beginning of his review, gombarek gave vent to his anger about what he saw as false accusations on the internet: "i can assure you that all precautionary measures have been taken at the burgerspital", he emphasized. Even before the warning by the home supervisor, the senior citizens’ home reacted and: "as soon as the first resident showed symptoms, contact barriers were imposed." Claims that employees came back from skiing vacations and infected others were made up. According to his records, all infected employees had at least four weeks between their last vacation and the infection.

"How the virus got into the house? No idea!", the home manager summed up the futile search for causes. It could have been brought in by employees, visitors or doctor’s appointments, but: "the fact is that we have done everything possible to prevent infections." Mayor warmuth even announced that he might take legal action against false allegations about the burgerspital. At the burgerspital, 23 of more than 30 residents were infected, six died, and 17 recovered. Eleven of the 36 employees also tested positive, eight from the nursing area and three from housekeeping and administration, according to gombarek. Even after the hygiene regulations came into force, two employees were still infected, but fortunately all illnesses were unproblematic and no one had to be treated as an inpatient.

The residents were immediately separated into those who tested positive, those who were suspected of being positive and those who tested negative. "Some residents have had to move up to three times", gombarek reported. But that meant not only moving a bed, as in a hospital, but also moving the furniture. "Staff and residents have been through a hell of a lot in the past few weeks", the director of the home described the "state of emergency". This has also left its mark on residents with dementia in particular, one of whom has even refused to eat and drink due to the confusion.

The home’s director was also critical: "there was hardly any help from the authorities, only orders, he reported to the foundation committee. He criticized above all contradictory statements: for example, an employee who had tested negative had been advised not to go to work. In addition, no forms have been available to date to request precautionary testing.

On the other hand, there are also many positive things: "no employee left during the pandemic," he said, gombarek emphasized. On the contrary: he even hired someone, although there were still infections in the hospital. On the other hand, almost every day he hears on the phone from residents that other retirement homes are unable to accept residents because of insufficient personnel. This is different at the burgerspital: since 2. July people are again admitted as full inpatients – after a negative test. Six people have been hospitalized so far, unfortunately one resident died after only one day "without corona", as gombarek emphasizes. The occupancy rate had risen again to 28. And more are being added because there is a long waiting list: "people call every day and need a place."

Strict rules for visitors

Visits have also long been allowed again, but with strict rules. "No one comes into the residents’ rooms", the director of the home cites as an example. Between 10 a.M. And 12 p.M. And between 3 p.M. And 5 p.M., residents were allowed to visit the dining room or the terrace for an hour at a time – under strict distance and hygiene rules. Gombarek is sure that infections are ruled out here, but: "the greatest danger is that all residents can leave the house." That is the basic right of everyone. It is all the more important that everyone be careful at family celebrations, for example, gombarek appealed.

According to dr. Reinhard schaupp the burgerspital got off lightly: "i expected higher numbers of deaths", he told the committee. He attributed the rather low mortality rate for a retirement home to the "extraordinary commitment" of the staff of the staff back. According to schaupp, the pandemic also shows that the size of the rooms is not the decisive factor in nursing facilities, as is currently being discussed at the burgerspital. Much more he would like to see hygiene locks at the entrances or a general practitioner for all residents, even if that contradicts the free choice of doctor.

Minus 9560 euro in 2019

In the non-official part of the meeting, the committee dealt with economic figures. According to the results, in 2019 there was a loss of just under 22,800 euros in current operations, with a surplus of a good 13,200 euros remaining in asset management. In total, the burgerspital had a deficit of about 9560 euros for the year 2019, which will be carried over into the fiscal year 2020. The 2019 balance sheets with profit and loss statements will be presented to the city council’s audit committee.

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