Wine festival of the lebenshilfe: steffi list and mosaik build bridges

wine festival of the lebenshilfe: steffi list and mosaik build bridges

Right at the beginning they had their rough appearance at the benefit wine festival of the lebenshilfe kitzingen in the casteller schlosspark on wednesday. The band, made up of four members of the lebenshilfe home, five educators and singer steffi list, set the tone for the traditional evening in the park. Mosaik is the name of the group that was formed some time ago.

Steffi list from schweinfurt, who is well known for her appearances on tv, wrote a song especially for the band, which was performed by the colorful troupe at the end of the show. "Building bridges" is the title, which is about the fact that every human being in the world, whether disabled or not, has his or her worth. The topic of inclusion, i.E., living and learning together of disabled and non-disabled people, is thus brought closer to home.

A cozy evening in the park

The aim is to break down barriers and inhibition thresholds, as was also the case at the wine festival evening, which is now in its 13th year. The first time the event took place in castell. Last year the event had to be cancelled due to bad weather, so the joy was all the greater that this time it was again a cozy evening in good weather outdoors.

All of the 400 or so guests seemed satisfied, not just the 150 people with disabilities. "I am particularly pleased that we have won steffi list and mosaik for this evening. But I also have to emphasize the commitment of the band JOM with jurgen faas," said manfred markert from the kitzinger lebenshilfe. Peter estenfelder, workshop manager of the mainfrankische werkstatten in wurzburg, described how steffi list was persuaded to get involved with disabled people. As a juror for a singing contest within the workshops they wanted to win the musician. With a lot of fun it went on, mosaik was founded, the performance in castell followed. According to this, even a CD is to be created from the project.

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