“The skin doesn’t forget”

The summer vacations are coming up, with lots of swimming and bathing vacations. Who does not want to shine with a beautiful brown glow? But the ultraviolet rays of the sun are not only good for the skin. If people do not protect themselves sufficiently, they significantly increase the risk of skin cancer. Currently, it is assumed that there are around 230,000 new cases of skin cancer per year in germany, which means that the number has tripled since the 1980s. In bavaria alone, more than 3,000 people contract the dangerous black skin cancer every year. But that”s not all: if adults don”t pay enough attention to protecting their skin, they also set a bad example for children.
And that”s what health minister melanie huml (CSU) is all about. That”s why she launched the prevention campaign “sun(n) with understanding instead of sunburn” in 2000 this year, the pfarrer rossert daycare center in hallstadt started a campaign to teach children how to protect their skin. The ministry is investing 63,000 euros in the campaign. This makes bavaria the only state with its own prevention campaign against skin cancer.

Sensitive children”s skin

"Sun is life, sun makes happy, but it depends on the dose", said the minister in hallstadt on monday morning. Especially children are at risk, because the skin needs about twelve years until the protective mechanisms are fully developed. It is important to protect children with sunscreen, caps and sunglasses with UV filters from the dangerous rays. These can damage the genetic material in the cell nucleus. "The skin does not forget", emphasized hummel. "Children’s skin is particularly sensitive."
However, the minister knows from her own experience that children are often reluctant to apply sunscreen in the morning. This is one of the reasons why she is grateful for the cooperation with the walt disney company, which is now entering its second year. This is how olaf, the snowman from the animated film "the ice queen," advertises alongside the minister for sun protection. This, she said, is symbolic of what the sun can do. In addition, the forgetful dory from "finds dory" is supposed to be a newcomer remember that the summer is even more beautiful when children can swim safely.
Walt disney’s goal is to inspire children and families to live more active and aware lives through play. "Our characters stand for "joie de vivre, says marc becker-floris from the american media company. The little ones are infected by this. This is how walt disney uses "join in"-on the one hand, the activities focus on developing basic motor skills, on a more conscious diet, and on protecting children from the sun.

Here and there a little blob

Doris eichhorn, head of the daycare center, has no problems with the lotion. "We have to slow down the children", she says. If you look at the little song that the children have learned by heart and sung to the health minister with great joy, you can understand this very well.
"One, two, three, fetch the sunscreen. Four, five, six, here and there a little blob", get it started. It is not surprising that the little ones know exactly why melanie huml was there. "To get some of the sunscreen", the cry from the ranks of the small. Here the sun protection is not a problem.
The minister will be particularly pleased, because for her it was also a personal appointment. Years ago she went to the pfarrer rossert kindertagesstatte herself. However, she does not forget to point out the duties of the adults as well.
Since 2008, all people with statutory health insurance over the age of 35 have been entitled to early skin cancer detection. However, so far only about 16 percent of men and 19 percent of women go for skin cancer screening. That is too little, said melanie huml "take the chance of skin cancer screening".

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