The competition also wishes rudrof all the best

the competition also wishes rudrof all the best

Health problems of CSU member of state parliament heinrich rudrof were known for a long time, but in recent times he has appeared again more often at official appointments. That is why it was all the more surprising, especially for CSU members, that scheblitzer announced last friday that he would be retiring from state parliamentary politics with the next legislative period.

Some had probably hoped that the record vote-guarantor would go to munich one more time for the christian-socialists.

"All of rudrof’s decisions were personal and agreed with me", let CSU district chairman mdb thomas silberhorn know about it. In the approximately 2,000-member CSU district association of bamberg-land, the motto was to address personnel issues only in the period after the federal elections. And that is exactly how it has been handled now.

He, so silberhorn further, had been in constant exchange with heinrich rudrof, so he had also known about rudrof’s step into the public eye. Rudrof had decided for this form of the message and the point of time.

The nomination for the state parliament will take place in the first quarter of the coming year, silberhorn continued. The district CSU must also think about other candidate issues: district parliament president gunther denzler is no longer running, nor is long-serving district councilor siegfried stengel from stegaurach.

"The district association needs time to discuss new candidates", and "the personnel debate is conducted on a broad basis and discussed openly and transparently". Silberhorn is confident that the company is well positioned in terms of personnel.

And how do other political forces in the bamberg district assess the latest development in the CSU??

"Heinrich rudrof has his merits for the region. If he now retires for health reasons, we wish him all the best and that he can enjoy his political retirement", this is the reaction of the SPD, formulated by jonas merzbacher, chairman of the SPD sub-district bamberg-forchheim.

Merzbacher praises the member of the state parliament rudrof as a "vote heavyweight". We were surprised that he did not assume a more prominent role in the CSU at the state level." Because in terms of votes he has always been close to the burger.

As a member of the budget committee he has always been able to bring funds to the region. Of course, rudolf’s decision not to run again for the coming legislative period will have no effect on the SPD candidates, merzbacher emphasizes. The district SPD will address the candidate issue at the end of the year.

On behalf of the district of grunen, andreas losche, deputy chairman of the grunen district council faction, emphasizes the always very collegial way of dealing with rudrof: "on an emotional level there were no problems, on the contrary."

Losche personally remembers rudrof’s commitment to education policy and, in particular, his efforts to preserve the theresianum. Of course, there were also issues on which they did not see eye to eye. Here he mentions the steigerwald. "I had hoped for more commitment to our region."

Since rudrof is withdrawing from state parliamentary work for health reasons, losche wishes him "all the best for the future".

This is also done by the deputy district administrator johann pfister on behalf of the civic block. "I wish him all the best." He respects the fact that rudrof is also setting priorities in the interests of his family. This did not come as a surprise to him.

"There will now be various hopefuls in the CSU", mutmabt pfister. We will see who emerges.

"I’m curious to see who will be the successor", says liebhard loffler (FDP), who has a high personal regard for district council member heinrich rudrof and agrees with him on many issues. They had exchanged arguments, but it had never become personal. They met at eye level and with respect. As for the question of a successor, loffler concludes: "I don’t have any plans for one."

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