Thankful for health

Thankful for health

First mayor christian mrosek and pastoral officer johannes haaf now congratulated margarete tischer on her 98th birthday. Birthday. Tischer welcomed the guests in her room and it quickly became clear that the native of lettenreuth is still very independent. Although its gehor has weakened somewhat, it enjoys good health and is interested in many things. "I’m glad I’m still in such good shape", she said. Their secret recipe is very simple: "you can’t worry too much, it ruins people". You have to take everything as it comes."

In the past, margarete tischer had woven baskets and helped wherever there was work to be done, with the farmers and at festivities. "Back then, people stuck together a lot more", she remembers, her eyes radiating deep satisfaction and joy. It goes without saying that she is still "quite stable" today is.

She also thought of her fellow residents at the awo social center in redwitz on this day and gave out a cake in the afternoon – in keeping with her motto: "we have to be good to each other and stick together"." Red

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