Study: female baboons have different characters

study: female baboons have different characters

Their study appears in the "proceedings" of the US academy of sciences ("PNAS").

The team analyzed the behavior of the baboons and assigned them three different personality types: nice, reserved, and loner. It was shown that the character of the animals hardly changes over time and that the personality is also perceived by their conspecifics. The team observed 45 wild female baboons over a period of 7 years.

Seyfarth and his colleagues studied the animals’ behavior in terms of how often they were alone, touched or hugged other females, and how often they were aggressive toward or attacked conspecifics. Grunting is considered a sign of friendly intent by baboons.

The nice females were rarely alone, friendly to their fellows and often grunted at them. The restrained animals often behaved aggressively, were less friendly and grunted mainly at members of a higher rank in the group. The lone walkers often spent their time alone, were unfriendly and grunted almost exclusively at higher-placed animals.

According to the study, the personality of the baboons is also linked to other factors. The nice females proved to be sociable, plus they had relatively stable relationships. The restrained animals were found to have a lower mab of sociability and high stability with their partners. Finally, according to the scientists, the loners were not very sociable, and at the same time they had a lot of stress. Other factors – such as age – are hardly related to personality.

Seyfarth and his team also write that the character of the female baboons is also perceived by their conspecifics. They deduced this from how often the other animals approached the females. With the nice baboons this was more often the case than with the others.

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