Scions awaken to new life

Scions awaken to new life

This year again, the traditional distribution of the pre-ordered noble rice took place at the reiser/fledermauskeller in ebersdorf. The reiser were distributed according to schedule to the fruit and horticulture associations as well as interested garden friends. The grafting course of the coburg district association for horticulture and land conservation e planned for the same day.V. Unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the current health situation.

Some of the fruit ordered came from the fruit orchard in einberg, which now has more than 80 varieties of pome and stone fruit, while others came from the cherry testing facility in hiltpoltstein.

The aim of the noble rice campaign is to preserve the diversity of varieties in the coburg region and to promote old, almost lost varieties such as "zuccalmaglio", "yellow cobblers", "blood bulb" or "borowinka" to let the northern part of upper franconia take up residence again. To the great regret of the variety lovers, the variety has decreased in comparison to earlier times, both in the home garden and in the open countryside.

In the course of more than 20 years, during which this action has been carried out annually, thousands of noble rice trees of different varieties have been distributed. Many of them have come back to life for many years thanks to the skillful hand of passionate graftors. The great diversity of the stone and pome fruit varieties distributed is intended to make a small but important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in the coburg region.

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