Police report: parked car hit by a truck

Police report: parked car hit by a truck

As reported to the police, an unidentified road user failed to stop with his car in the period from 15. Up to 22. November, presumably in the local area of wiesentheid, and damaged the front left of a parked black VW. The victim was unable to give the exact location of the accident because he did not notice the damage to his car until later. The damage to the car is estimated at 1000 euros.

Disregarded right of way

To a traffic accident with a damage of together 9500 euro it came on friday at 6.45 o’clock in mainstockheim. At the time of the accident, a 22-year-old man was driving his car along schlossstrasse in the direction of hauptstrabe. At the blind junction, the young man only saw a light of an oncoming car in the traffic mirror. He got lost in the distance of this car and drove into the main road. In the process, he collided with the car of a 24-year-old man coming from the direction of dettelbach.

Money purse stolen from shopping bag

An unknown perpetrator, described as a 1.65 meter tall, slim man with short black hair, stole the purse of a 61-year-old woman at the lidl store in wiesentheid at around 9 a.M. On friday and tried to withdraw money unsuccessfully with the stolen credit card at an ATM in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene a short time later. The 61-year-old had put the wallet in her handbag during the shopping trip, which in turn was in the shopping cart. In an unsupervised moment, the unknown perpetrator stole the wallet from the bag.

Scooter broken into and damaged

On saturday around 1 o’clock a 19-year-old had parked her black scooter in volkach in the seelein. When she came back to her vehicle around 4 o’clock, she noticed that in the meantime unknown perpetrators had thrown an old clothes container standing nearby onto the scooter, damaging it considerably. In addition, the perpetrators had broken open the rear suitcase on the scooter and stolen a backpack belonging to the 19-year-old from it.

Tire damaged on construction crane

An unknown offender damaged the valves of four tires on a construction crane in wiesenbronn in the klingenstrabe within the past two months. According to the traces, the unknown used pliers or similar tools and crushed the valves, so that the hoses had to be replaced. Damage: 200 euro.

Traffic post damaged

Damage of 250 euros was caused in a traffic accident that occurred on saturday at around 11 a.M. In dimbacher strabe in volkach. The driver of a car, while maneuvering her vehicle, overlooked a traffic post and hit it.

Under the influence of alcohol

On saturday at 14.20 o’clock was controlled on the parking lot of a supermarket "in the seelein" in volkach a driver. The officers found out that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. A test showed a value of 0.58 per mille.

With 0.6 promille on the way

The driver of a car was also under the influence of alcohol when he was hit by a car on saturday at about 22.25 o’clock drove his vehicle in the schutzenstrabe in mainbernheim and was subjected to a control. Here a test resulted in a value of 0.64 promille, why also here the further journey was prevented and likewise a bubgeldverfahren was introduced.

Information to the police kitzingen, tel. (09321) 1410.

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