Parish christmas with music

Parish Christmas with music

The thundorfer doreihnacht is history, now the thundorfer doreihnacht is coming up. It begins on sunday, 8. December, at 2 p.M. With an advent concert in the catholic church and ends with the advent cafe in the parish hall of the water castle. The concert will be performed by the local brass band under the direction of hans hulf.
One of the people who played a decisive role in the planning and organization of this parish christmas, as well as in its execution as an active musician, is thomas bretscher, chairman of the parish council. Even as a child, he participated in the advent afternoons, says bretscher.
Besides him, there are many other interesting characters who have rendered outstanding services to the brass band. One of them is paul braun, who has been playing for 41 years and is a cornerstone of the group as a flugelhorn player. Paul braun is also for years the score keeper and therefore the master of the score archive. "In this function, paul always highlights treasures of music", says thomas bretscher. Braun also rendered outstanding services to the brass band as vice chairman for a while. Above all, his colleagues appreciate the fact that in times of crisis he encourages the musicians to continue their commitment to music. The sentence he coined a few years ago is still valid today: "as long as there are at least two of us, I'll be there." And there are always at least two of them, because verena – one of his two daughters – is an active member of the brass band.

Returning member heribert rink
With heribert rink (53), an old "young musician" has been back since last year at. Heribert learned to play music as a teenager with hugo kloffel in 1973. After ten years of active music, the end came suddenly in 1983. Only after 30 years, to the summer of the last year, it has itched again. He took his tenor horn with the B-baritone voice out of the sinking again, in order to be active again from now on. "I'm really enjoying it again", he says. His daughter selina, who at twelve years old is the youngest in the band, is also part of the band. She started rehearsing six years ago and has been playing with the thundorf brass band for a year now.
Manfred schlechter has been playing his trombone in the chapel since 1969. During his working life, he had to miss many music rehearsals due to his job. "But now in retirement he is even more active", says chairman albrecht knotig, who is also proud to have a man like stefan meister in the association. Stefan has been the second conductor for many years and provides the musical support for the band. He is trombonist since january 1973 and treasurer of the association since "eternal times", like his colleague manfred schlechter.
The brass band thundorf wanted to take the visitors at the parish christmas for one hour into the world of music. "Musical highlights of all styles are offered", says albrecht knotig.
The band, whose duties include providing music for local events, festivals and celebrations, also places great emphasis on youth education and community outreach. At the parish christmas the band is conducted by hans hulf. At 76 years old, he is also the oldest member of the association. He already played as a professional musician in many orchestras and bands and conducts the thundorfer since 2004. The club maintains its own clubhouse and currently has 32 members, 27 of whom are active musicians.
After the concert, thomas bretscher is called upon again, this time in his capacity as parish council chairman. At the advent cafe in the parish hall, he gives a detailed annual report.

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