Old oak tree to remain despite new kindergarten building in poxdorf

Roland schmitt from architects schmitt/vogels (bamberg) was present at the meeting. He explained the modified design for the new construction of a blessing hall in front of the parking lot at the rear end of the cemetery. The wishes of the council, expressed in a previous meeting, were taken into account here: the blessing area with lighting from above and with a covered forecourt has been enlarged. It can be separated from the rest of the building, so that it will be possible to hold small funeral services in the closed blessing hall. There will be one men’s restroom and one for ladies and for the disabled. The containers for the disposal of refuse are located in a corridor between the storage area for the coffins and coffin refrigeration adjacent to the blessing hall and the toilet building. There was a clear difference of opinion on this among the rates. However, since deviating solution proposals proved to be impractical, the present design was accepted by a vote of 9:4.

Wooden or solid construction

Then there was still the question of wood or solid construction and the appearance of the eaves facade (wood, copper, shingles, plaster) to clarify. The council decided by a large majority to build the church with the so-called solid wood wall, with plastered ceilings and wood finish inside the chantry hall. If the project is completed quickly, everything could be ready in may 2021. The cost estimate for the building is 595.000 euro. Architect roland schmitt promised to present a proposal for the new building at the municipal council meeting on 28. More detailed cost calculations to be provided in january.

Two floors

Architect norbert siewertsen (baiersdorf) presented his design for the new building of the poxdorf daycare center for children. This two-storey building is to be built on the school’s hard court, which is no longer in use, near the weidichstrabe/schoolstrabe bend. The main entrance and the parking spaces are planned on the north side of the building, on the schulstrabe. On the first floor, facing south and west, there are three group rooms for the kindergarten children, each with its own adjoining room and toilet; furthermore, there is a play hall with adjoining kitchen and dining area, the director’s room, technical and storage rooms, toilets, a multi-purpose room and, in the entrance area, a staircase and elevator to the upper floor. The two daycare rooms, each with its own sanitary facilities, as well as a play hall, a staff room, a parents’ room, toilets and storage rooms are located there – again on the sunny south and west sides. A rough roof garden of about 135 square meters could still be added if desired. Architect siewertsen has planned flat roofs for the whole building, but the center of the building could also be covered with a gable roof.

A special feature of the design is that the architect does not want to remove the old oak tree on the property, but has included it in his plans. With its location to the right of the main entrance, this magnificent tree spared the north facade of the building. It will also look good from the south side, in the newly designed playground between the school administration wing and the daycare center.

Probably over three million euros

The estimated cost of the new kindergarten building, including the outdoor facilities, would probably amount to a little over three million euros, according to architect siewertsen. On 19. November mayor paul steins (CSU), architect siewertsen and administrative staff have an appointment in bayreuth, where they will meet with representatives of the government of upper franconia to determine the amount of possible claim money.

The design prepared by architect siewertsen was unanimously approved. The exact cost calculations are to be available at the december meeting of the municipal council.

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