Lower hablach valley” pastoral area discusses possible merger

The realignment of the pastoral care areas (SB) of the catholic deaneries in the district of kronach is taking shape. Since the fall, a project team has been working on the "pastoral area 2019" with the task to explain the process of reorientation in the bishopric of bamberg for the SB "unteres hablachtal" to coordinate.
The project team discussed possible mergers in several working meetings. Finally a merger with the SB kronach turned out to be sensible. But what is the starting point for a realignment?? "Due to the development of personnel in the diocese of bamberg, a restructuring of the pastoral structure is necessary. Therefore, new pastoral areas are to be formed in which, if possible, a five-headed team will work together. As a result, about 45 of the existing 94 pastoral areas will have to be formed for the expected number of staff as of 2022", as far as archbishop ludwig schick in a pastoral word of 17. September.
According to this, a rural pastoral area should in the future comprise approximately 12,000 catholics and in the city 17,000 catholics. This meant that the two deaneries of teuschnitz and kronach would each form a new pastoral area.
With the consequences for the "lower hablach valley" SB the steering group met once again in the community room of the st.-st. John’s church in hablach. In principle, it is a question of maintaining pastoral life in the long term, with all its uniqueness and diversity, with fewer pastoral personnel.
Cooperation has already grown in recent years, he said. "We want to continue this good development intensively in the years 2017 to 2022", the meeting was a success. Annunciation and worship life, community and charity are to be shaped for the future. Here one sees commonalities with the SB kronach and through the spatial proximity also the possibility for an efficient cooperation. Already in january, at a parish meeting, the previous ideas for a merger were presented to the parishioners from the pastoral area "unteres hablachtal" presents.
Their feedback confirmed the steering group in its demand that, as before in the SB "unteres hablachtal", the following should be done, would like to stay together. "Under no circumstances do you want to be separated. People only want to join the SB kronach unitedly." This vote was also forwarded in this form to the so-called deanery team. This committee, under the leadership of regional advisor clemens grunbeck, has the task of comparing the votes of all four pastoral areas of the kronach deanery and sending a joint proposal for the reorganization to bamberg. There, all the proposals are sifted through and compared with the other regions in order to shape the diocese within the framework of the diocesan process "erzbistum mitgestalten to achieve a reorganization that is as satisfactory as possible for all parishes.

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