Left pledges support for wiesehugel

Left pledges support for wiesehugel

"Klaus wiesehugel has drawn a clear dividing line; he deserves respect for that," riexinger told the "mitteldeutsche zeitung" (online edition), which is published in halle. "We were prepared to help pull the pin on agenda 2010."

The first thing to do is to reverse the reduction in pension levels, says riexinger. After that, the equal treatment of temporary workers and the reduction of short-time work for the unemployed are the most important factors. Wiesehugel, currently still chairman of IG bau, would certainly be accepted as labor minister, the left-wing leader stressed. "He does represent our positions."Accepting peer steinbruck as chancellor, on the other hand, is hardly possible.

Wiesehugel had told the "bild" newspaper (saturday) that as minister he wanted to put the agenda 2010 to the test. In the "passauer neue presse" (saturday), he now brought up the issue of suspending retirement at 67.

"We now need custom-fit solutions for construction workers or caregivers, for example," said the trade unionist. "The SPD says that half of the elderly must have a job, so that there will be retirement at 67."A corresponding review clause would be applied for the next time in 2014.

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