Half-time on the daycare construction site in lonnerstadt

Half-time on the daycare construction site in lonnerstadt

The small beds are already fully booked. As of january, 13 children are registered for each of the two nursery groups. Since the need is there, even an additional place (to the normal occupancy with twelve children) has been approved, said lonnerstadt’s pastor andreas sauer during the inspection.

The new nursery building on goethestrabe adjoins the existing kindergarten building and is entered through the common entrance. The new building was ready for occupancy just over a week ago. According to the deputy head of the daycare center, nadine dorfler-hein, a total of 21 little "fuchses" are currently being cared for and "washable supervised. From the new year on all places are occupied.

In the modern annexe there are two bright, well-equipped group rooms, plus a rest room and a sanitary room for the little ones. The small furniture, the mini toilets, the cupboard and the play corners are cute. The outdoor facilities, which can be accessed from the group rooms, are also almost complete.

It’s half time for the tree removal in lonnerstadt kindergarten. One year ago, in november 2019, the structural work began. The conversion and general renovation of the existing old building will take another year. "The prerequisite for this schedule is that suitable companies are found", says lonnerstadt’s mayor regina bruckmann (). Due to the good economic situation, delays could also occur.

So far everything has gone well. The extension, which houses the nursery, was estimated by the architect at 1.2 million euros. A good 800,000 euros have been spent so far. Bruckmann thinks, however, that in the end the estimate will be reached. There are still costs for the building and several final invoices to be paid. The market community is the contractor for the tree removal. Finally the kindergarten is an obligatory task of the municipality. However, the evangelical church is and will remain the operator of the daycare center.

Total cost 2.9 million euros

The general renovation and roof extension of the existing old building will be started soon. For this, it must be completely gutted. The "regular children, three groups up to six years old have already moved into the old building of the school. The general renovation of the old building is estimated at just under 1.7 million euros. On the total purchase of about 2.9 million euro, the market community expects a claim of 1.3 million euro.

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