Full house at the schlappenfasching in unterzaubach

Over four hours long in each case went off with the first two meetings of this year in on fridays like on saturdays completely occupied landjugendheim freely after the dorfrockern "die lutzzzi off", the audience could not stop laughing in parts.

"Devil’s violin" one of the 18 items on the program, in which georg spindler, helmut baumer and his grandson jonas baumer will perform the song "und ab geht die lutzzzi" ("and off goes the lutzzzi") with an original constellation of instruments to gehor. Helmut baumer wanted his grandson to join the children’s dance group, but the six-year-old only wanted to join his grandfather on stage – no wonder, since he is one of the cornerstones of the zaungner schlappenfasching carnival. So jonas baumer had no stage fright at all and was completely satisfied with the performance afterwards: "my grandfather did a good job!" He noted.

The joint performances of helmut baumer and georg spindler, in which they review local events in a humorous way, could not be missing in the schlappenfasching and so they appeared this year as "state servants" at. They explained to the visitors why all politicians now see themselves as politicians of the middle: because they no longer know where the back and the front is. The bypass in stadtsteinach is no longer an issue, because for a long time now it has only been about the "bypass of the bypass".

The fact that a councillor from stadtsteinach who is sandwiched between two councillors from zaubach represents an educational gap was naturally particularly well received in the youth center. Baumer and spindler are not very happy about the new regulation that they, as civil servants, will have to donate blood twice a year to the veterinary clinic in stadtsteinach: "the blood is needed to put dogs and cats to sleep"!"

A clash of cultures took place during a pregnancy gymnastics session. Because in the gymnastics lesson of the trainer (heike hildner) not only a simple woman from the country (alexandra gleich) arrives, who does not know exactly in which club she should look for the father of the child, but also the turkish woman ayse (harald hildner) together with her husband (horst kampe) and the nun bernadette (peter gleich) from the order of the rejoicing blind people. A visual delight when the dubious group performs its exercises on the gymnastic balls.

That somewhat overweight women at the airline "albatross eierleins" preference is given to stewardesses, not least because the plane is then down again more quickly, viola hildner and alexandra informed immediately. Viola hildner was able to celebrate her premiere on the stage, after she has been attending the schlappenfasching as a guest for over ten years, and her daughter emely has been dancing diligently with the children’s dance group for three years. "Since I’m up for any kind of fun, I said yes when I was asked. I was a little nervous at first, but it was definitely a lot of fun" she is very enthusiastic about her debut.

The carnival was opened by a dance performance of the "kids". Julian heinz, lukas hempfling, carina schubler, maja hempfling and emely hildner got down to business with passion. As a result, there was a lot to laugh about in the butt speeches or in sketches, in which some of them focused on the optics. Musical and vocal contributions further livened up the atmosphere. Kristin kampe, elisabeth baumgartner, alexandra gleich, viola hildner, silke hempfling, andrea schuberth and heike hildner provided two high points at the end with the "dance of the graceful gazelles" and afterwards the male ballet (hermann baumgartner, markus hempfling, harald hempfling, horst kampe) with a dance parody on "farmer seeks woman. Both groups were only allowed to leave the stage after an encore.

Franz thierauf had led through the program in his usual witty and amusing way, and ferdl schneider provided the musical support for the individual contributions.

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