Fire and flame for the ahorner geratemuseum

Old diesel engines rattle loudly, thick smoke rises from an ancient forge and ripe apples are turned into juice by muscle power. A touch of nostalgia spreads through the "old sheep farm out, when once a year agricultural techniques revive long gone times. This year, too, the museum festival attracts thousands of visitors to the idyllic ensemble.

Otto hauck, on the arm of his grandmother karola becker, watches with rough eyes as bernd ramster presses apples that are then made into juice. Grandma and grandson were allowed to taste the natural drink. "Gladly.", says wolfgang beyer (SPD) as deputy mayor of the municipality of ahorn "many grandparents come to the museum festival with their grandchildren". One generation explains the techniques to the next generation that they themselves experienced as children. The traditional festival, which is now being celebrated for the 33rd time, has lost none of its appeal, beyer notes.

One of the old favorites is the steam train, which farmers used to take from farm to farm in the fall to steam potatoes to feed to the pigs in the winter. At the museum festival, potatoes also go into the steamer – but the tubers are then served with quark or herring.

Many helpers had been busy preparing the marinated herrings in the days before, says the museum director dr. Chris loos. "A lot of onions have to be cut and steamed for this purpose." Apropos: according to loos, the success of the festival is due above all to the many volunteer supporters. About 80 helpers were on duty in the weeks and days before and during the festival. "For some time now, there has been new momentum and a breath of fresh air in the team of helpers. You can tell: the helpers feel connected to the sheeple", the director of the geratemuseum is pleased. Behind the festival is an enormous effort, loos emphasizes. For example, the historical equipment and machines had to be taken out of the shed and the depot and prepared for the festival. Finally, the visitors should get an authentic insight into the french village life of their parents and grandparents.

A man who is always there

One who is always there: adolf herr. This time he will be shaping glowing iron into horseshoes at an old forge. A colorful market hustle and bustle invites visitors to stroll and shop; 25 traders offer high-quality textile and household goods, garden items or jewelry made of natural materials in and around the old sheep farm. Self-marketers are also with the party and the countrywomen invite you to feast, for example with onion tart from the oven and in addition there is federweiser.

By the "butterwoman the young visitors learn how milk is turned into butter and historic tractors attract the attention of the visitors, especially the children. Four-year-old finn schulmeister, for example, takes a seat on one of the old tractors. The high point of the festival is sunday, when a parade of antique tractors with rattling engines makes its way up to the "old sheep farm" moving and the owners of the vehicles measuring their strength by tractor-pilling.

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