Family minister giffey: educators should earn as much as elementary school teachers

family minister giffey: educators should earn as much as elementary school teachers

This should be raised to the level of elementary school teachers, suggested the SPD politician in the "bild am sonntag" ahead of. "Daycare centers are educational institutions, she said. "And from my point of view, educators, including those who work full-time in after-school care, deserve to be paid in the same way as teachers who work in elementary schools, for example."

After all, it's about people "who work in education and lay the foundation for the future of our children and thus for the future of the federal republic", argued giffey. In addition, a training allowance for future educators would lead to more young people choosing this profession, she said. When asked who should pay for all this, the SPD politician replied: "it's up to everyone, the federal government and the states."

What do bus drivers, nurses and educators actually earn??

According to the newspaper, an educator earns an average of 2,600 euros gross. This is the rough order of magnitude for the net starting salaries of elementary school teachers. Their payment is, however, different from state to state.

Giffey stressed that children needed to be given a good challenge as early as possible. More kindergarten places are needed to make this happen. In addition, the quality of the daycare centers must be further improved. This also applies to all-day care at elementary schools. The two billion euros earmarked by the federal government for this purpose are only a first step.

"One thing is clear: what we don't invest in our children today will be much, much more expensive later, giffey emphasized. "At the moment we are still losing far too many children." The crucial question is how to make it "possible for as many children as possible – regardless of their family background – to succeed in school and to complete their education or studies".

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