Court rejects zschape’s motion for bias

Court rejects zschape's motion for bias

This is what the news agency dpa has learned from judicial circles. The motion was directed against all members of the senate for the protection of the state. The trial was continued late thursday morning.

Zschape’s defenders had argued that the senate had questioned a witness unilaterally and had thus shown a clear attitude towards their client. The federal prosecutor’s office had called zschape’s motion "absurd".

Two police officers will be called as witnesses on thursday. One is to testify about a neo-nazi from chemnitz at the time who belonged to a skinhead group called the "88ers" and is said to have procured explosives for the "national socialist underground" (NSU). "88′ stands for ‘heil hitler. The other officer had spoken to zschape’s elderly neighbor, who was helplessly holding out in the destroyed house after zschape had set fire to the trio’s escape apartment in zwickau.

The NSU is accused of ten murders and two bomb attacks. Motive of the group was, according to the federal prosecutor’s office, xenophobia and hatred of the state.

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