Corona emergency in spain until may 2021

Corona emergency in spain until may 2021

In spain, which has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, the corona state of emergency will last until may 2021. At the request of the left-wing government, the parliament approved a controversial and lengthy extension of the so-called state of alert in madrid on thursday.

During the debate before the vote, health minister salvador illa warned of "very difficult months". We must "act united for the good of all," he demanded.

Opposition leader pablo casado of the conservative people’s party (PP) dismissed the long extension as "legal obstruction. Casado had called for a state of emergency by mid-december to "save the christmas business. However, the government prevailed in the vote by 194 to 53. 99 delegates – including those of the PP – abstained from voting. Four deputies were not present.

The minority government’s proposal was opposed not only by the right-wing opposition, but also by regional parties and business associations. Prime minister pedro sanchez, however, convinced smaller parties with concessions, media reported.

Due to rising infection figures, sanchez had only declared a new state of alert on sunday – a good four months after the end of a first, more than three-month-long corona state of emergency. This is the third highest emergency level in spain. But this government decree was only valid for two weeks. The extension, according to the constitution, had to be approved by parliament. Sanchez had imposed a two-week nighttime curfew across most of the country on sunday. Only the canary islands, which were recently successful in the fight against corona, are exempt from the ban.

Meanwhile, in the framework of the state of emergency, more and more regions announce a lockdown of their territory. On thursday, catalonia with the metropolis of barcelona, madrid and cantabria did the same. This means that 12 of the 17 "autonomous communities" have already decided on a lockdown for up to two weeks. The people affected were only allowed to leave their region for a valid reason – for example, to go to work or to see a doctor.

Spain is one of the countries in western europe most affected by the pandemic. On thursday, another record number of new infections was reported: within 24 hours, 23 new infections were reported.580 infections with the virus sars-cov-2 have been recorded, announced the ministry of health. The total number rose to 1.16 million. More than 35.000 people died with covid-19. The number of new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within seven days was given as 230 on thursday evening. For comparison: in germany, according to the robert koch institute, this figure was 99.

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