Zeil looked back on its eventful history

Zeil looked back on its eventful history

Whoever celebrates a birthday invites guests to join them. This is what the city of zeil did with its festive evening to kick off the historical festival weekend on friday evening. Many guests of honor and above all those who have helped to shape and support the jubilee year in zeil and will continue to do so until new year’s eve were welcomed by mayor thomas stadelmann and moderator eberhard schellenberger in the rudolf winkler house. Even minister-president markus soder congratulated by video message. Mayor petr klouda from rymarov, the former roman city in the czech republic, the twin city of zeil, was on site.

The chamber orchestra zeil under the baton of oliver kunkel and with the only 17-year-old jameel wilmore on the flugel, who was very impressive, provided a splendid setting. To the music the photo club showed collages of pictures, which made the whole beauty of zeil visible.

Five historical figures marked the beginning and the end of the festive evening: abbot alberich degen, who brought the silvaner grape to franconia, pastor karl link, who called the zeiler kappele "french lourdes the burghers of zeil, elisabetha hofmann, who once established a poor foundation, master stonemason melchior kurtz, who was described as one of the oldest immigrants and was to stand for zeil’s power of integration, and burgermeister johann langhans; his diary documents the time of the witch craze, to which he himself ultimately fell victim.

They all played an important role in the history of zeil, which was discussed in the festive lecture by ludwig leisentritt from honorary burg. He, whom the mayor of zeil, thomas stadelmann, called the "historical conscience of zeil succeeded in showing the highs and lows the city had to go through in its history in cheerful, exciting, sometimes strange, but also thoughtful and highly political episodes. How wars and famine repeatedly robbed the little bit of prosperity that the burghers had earned for themselves. "The life of the piers in the change of times" the lecture was written. There is much to be proud of in zeil: of the bamberg horseman made of zeil sandstone, as well as of the integration of around 900 displaced persons after the second world war, or of the structural changes that had to be overcome. Leisentritt reminded of the pasture dispute and the fishermen’s war with neighboring municipalities, and of the floral names such as "kriegecken" which still exist today and "zankworth" and the many functions that a town hall used to have. "The council chamber used to be a dance hall and theater, but also a courtroom", grain and hops were stored in the roof, and wine in the cellar. During the first world war, the town hall was a hospital and for a hundred years it was an elementary school.

Rough moments for zeil were the construction of the railroad in 1852 and the zeiler kappele in 1894. Leisentritt told that zeil grinding stones were delivered to cuba in the sugar cane plantations around guantanamo, which later achieved sad fame. And he showed how in the 19. Around 500 zeilers emigrated to the USA in the nineteenth century "most of them as refugees from poverty". Leisentritt recalled that, according to existing plans, the border to the GDR could also have run between zeil and sand.

As a local historian, he wished that people would learn from history, because "we cannot foresee the future, we can only make it possible. The basis in zeil is good, not least because pastor michael erhart jungst even brought the papal blessing with him.

The historical figures also had good wishes for the town: that everyone would have his place, that peace would be preserved, that people would take care of the weaker ones and that they would cultivate conviviality and togetherness. The photo club delivered the final surprise with a film of the "choir of 1000 voices".

The festive evening on friday was the prelude for the big festive weekend in zeil. On saturday, 23. June, at 13 o’clock starts in the old town of zeil the festival with numerous offers, actions, exhibitions, which make 1000 years of zeil come alive. On sunday afternoon it goes on.

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