Vat reduction: it’s difficult with sporting goods fees

The reduction in value-added tax as of 1. July prompted nobert lamm and jorg bubel (both SPD) to submit a motion to the council on wednesday evening during the council meeting in the adelsdorf aischgrundhalle. They requested that the tax savings be passed on to the citizens, for example on the fees for the use of rooms and sports facilities, but also on water. According to lamm, the reduction in value-added tax on water "will not only be reflected in the final bill, but already in the advance payment".

Revenue losses expected

Chamberlain christian bertleff commented on the spdler’s motion during the presentation of the half-yearly housekeeping report. "The water charges are calculated for the whole year for the whole period with five percent VAT", he said, despite the fact that the corona pandemic, according to him, "is expected to result in a loss of revenue".

16 or even 19 percent

But as far as the transfer of spaces and sports facilities is concerned, the situation is a little different: "this is not 08/15, it’s more complex", said bertleff. "It’s a matter of contract. Depending on the contract, 16 or even 19 percent will be charged. You can’t decide that on the spur of the moment", explained the chamberman "but you have to take into account when the service was rendered. For example, if the service was provided from may to october, 16 percent was dropped, but for january to july, or august to january, 19 percent was dropped."

According to bertleff, this point will be decided on a case-by-case basis. "The citizens will benefit the most in the water fee", he said. Bs

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