Traffic jam at the clinic

The parking machine readily spits out a ticket, the barrier opens – but the hope of finding a parking space in the hospital’s parking garage is a bit dim. It is already steamed on the lowest level. Congestion. All parking spaces occupied. The next floors are no better: the parking spaces are reserved here. Is something still free at the top? The metal convoy moves slowly up the narrow ramps. The last driveway is blocked by a mercedes. Driver waits for a golf to clear a gap at the top. Cars honk. Nerves are on edge. The diagnosis is clear: acute traffic infarction within sight of the bamberg heart center.

"In the meantime, it’s just annoying to find a parking space at the clinic.", criticizes sylvia meichsner, who has to do rehab exercises at saludis several times a week. Despite the parking garage, it was sometimes only possible to get a parking space with a 20-minute wait. If at all. "The clinic grows more and more. Consequently, the number of patients and visitors will also decrease. It is becoming an imposition", grumbles the hirschaider.

"A catastrophe after 8 a.M."

Employees have to arrive a long time in advance to get a parking space, depending on the start of their shift. "After 8 a.M. It is a real disaster. Both for patients and staff", reports an employee. Especially in-between shifts, for example at 10 a.M., are difficult. And the new hires for the fourth bed tower also made themselves felt in the parking lot.

"When will more parking spaces be built that were so urgently needed??", asks sylvia meichsner.

"We are aware that parking is an existential issue for both staff and patients", answers xaver frauenknecht, chairman of the board of the bamberger sozialstiftung (bamberger social foundation) as the responsible body. He openly admits that parking is a problem. His hope: that by 2022, the liberation will have been achieved. Then a new parking garage with 1200 spaces is to be built. A second one with 500 spaces is also planned.

Frauenknecht lays a site plan on the table, leans over it and explains the situation. 1515 parking spaces are currently available on the hospital grounds – 267 more than in 2013. There are 481 parking spaces in the parking garage, 128 of which are reserved for employees. 150 additional employee parking spaces are available in the park-and-ride lot on wurzburger strabe. It takes twelve minutes to walk the 800 meters, explains staff council chairman felix holland. That is not bad. "But the parking lot is not suitable for shift workers at night." So far the offer is hardly used.

30 percent of the 3452 hospital employees and the 40,000 inpatients per year come from the city of bamberg, 70 percent from the surrounding area. "This means that we don’t just live on cars for patient care", says frauenknecht. The enormous parking search traffic is a problem that must be solved. In good weather, many employees come by bike. But when it rains, the situation gets worse.

On a scale of 1 to 10, frauenknecht rates the hospital a 5 when it comes to parking. "Higher I was not going because we have the challenge every day." Staff council member holland says there are many ways to improve the situation. "But we will only solve this parking problem if we build a second parking garage."

This is what is planned. Frauenknecht bends over the site plan again. This shows the direction in which the social foundation wants to develop. The future of the hospital will take place in the southwest of the city. Not only in terms of parking spaces. The land use plan is in the bag – the development plan is being coordinated with the city. Negotiations on land underway. A new access road for employees is to be created via waizendorfer strabe. The two parking garages with 1700 spaces are to be built there. 400 parking spaces in the southern corridor are to be eliminated: "we want to hide the sheet metal avalanches and create a green belt in order to provide a view of our beautiful location, says frauenknecht.

2022. And until then? Does he have any advice on parking? "It pays to choose your visiting time well", answers the head of the clinic. Between 8 a.M. And 2 p.M. It is very busy. "After 3 p.M., the probability of finding a space is 95 percent." Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting. The only consolation: at least the barrier machine does not charge a fee for the unsuccessful odyssey through the overcrowded parking garage.

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