Raschmitha’s difficult fight

Raschmitha deshan is four years old and lives with his family in a small farming village in sri lanka. The boy is seriously ill. "He has leukemia, says monika dippold, who herself comes from the island state in the indian ocean and who, together with her comrades-in-arms in the association "direkthilfe sri lanka", is a member of the "direct aid sri lanka" association is doing reconstruction work in their home country and supporting the sick and needy. "Now we want to help raschmitha", says the 68-year-old, who lives in kubelhof near rugendorf.

The devastating tsunami

The association "direct aid sri lanka, the organization, which depends on donations for its projects, was founded in 2005 as a direct aid organization for the survivors of the victims of the severe tsunami at christmas 2004. "By working directly with local people, we have ensured from the outset that all donations go directly to where they are needed, without incurring unnecessary administrative costs", dippold notes.
Building materials, clothing, mattresses, food, household appliances and school books were purchased in 2005 and distributed to the people affected by the tsunami in pinwatta, panadura, hiddaruwa, kosgoda and kalutara in the southwest of the country.

Sponsored children

Many activities were started in the following years, the sponsored children in the holy cross college in kalutara were helped again and again, a contribution was made to offer orphans as well as seriously ill and disabled children in sri lanka a future. "But we have also collected money to enable women to have serious operations", reports monica dippold.

Treatment is expensive

The association now wants to help raschmitha’s family financially so that the boy can continue his fight against leukemia. Dippold: "because the family is poor and can’t afford the treatment. And sri lanka can only dream of a health system like the one in germany."
On monday, monica dippold will fly to her home country, where she will meet raschmitha and his family. "He is in a private clinic in the capital colombo, but the treatment is very expensive", says the woman from rugendorf, who hopes that the aid organization will be able to cover some of the costs through donations.

2000-euro donation

2000 euros already packed into dippold’s suitcase. Money raised by sascha seuss, managing director of pflegenest – intensive care service for children in untersteinach, has donated. "The money is for the medical treatment of the four-year-old boy who died without the financial help of the association because the parents are poor and cannot afford treatment for their child", notes sascha seuss.
In april, she too will fly to the indian ocean. Sascha seuss will meet raschmitha and his family to see the situation of the people in the year 14 after the devastating tsunami.

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