Nsa new market in the maximilianeum

Nsa new market in the maximilianeum

The porter of the maximilianeum could not believe his eyes when several men and women from the "NSA", barbara stamm, welcomed the guests admission to the state parliament building wanted. Fortunately, the vice president of the state parliament, inge aures, had arranged the matter in advance and at the latest with a view to the "nonsensical thursday" the pfortner also knew: mdl inge aures, an outspoken fan of the neuenmark carnival, had invited the carnival friends from the railroad village to visit the state parliament building. The carnival mafia didn`t like to be told twice and started on thursday morning with a bus to the state capital.

Punktlich took aures in representation of the "land mother" barbara stamm led the burial of the crowd of jesters in the entrance building, in rhyming verses: "dear people, it is well known that on nonsensical thursday the landtag is firmly in the hands of jesters. From far away you have come today, so I welcome you all quite warmly." From munich, from the upper palatinate and from upper franconia, several carnival societies had received an invitation from their members of the state parliament and from upper franconia, in addition to the carnival societies from helmbrechts and pinzberg near forchheim, the neuenmarkt carnival friends were also represented. The vice president of the state parliament continued: "we also have fools in franconia, they came with the cart. We are astonished, they are here now, are actually invited by the NSA." This meant the people of neuenmarkt, because in accordance with this year’s motto "NSA – neuenmarkter spab anstalt" the faschingsjecken carried also their NSA T-shirts and the suitable outfit in addition.

Every year different carnival societies are invited to the state capital on "un-sinniger thursday" the idea for the reception, this is no joke, came from my colleague diana stachowitz. I am very happy that you have come and have heard the good news. That life does not pass us by, it makes spab and it also makes us free. With fun and cheerfulness it goes round now, because as the doctor says? Laughter is fei g`sund! Therefore dear fools, always remember how already you can celebrate with us. Therefore I wish you, always remain in good spirits, a great carnival wish you your vice-president inge."

And the representatives of the individual carnival societies do not say that twice. After the burial of inge aures then ran a good one-hour program, in which the individual groups showed their show dances. Afterwards the societies were invited to a common lunch, before it went on in the afternoon with the reception of the french carnival federation by landtagsprasidentin barbara stamm, her deputy inge aures and prasident bernhard schlereth. Barbara stamm expressed her joy that her deputy also has a big heart for the french carnival.

As the first group the city guard of helmbrechts was allowed to introduce itself and thereby barbara stamm remarked that the madels missed the jump on the show stage in veitshochheim in each case only scarcely and as a thank-you the "helmetzer" guards also invited. Helmbrechts’ mayor stefan pohlmann: "we were already in the morning in the state chancellery and were received by minister ilse aigner. Our guard is very successful and therefore we have been selected this year by the fastnachtsverband franken to come to munich. Today, our guard consists of 24 young, beautiful dancers and we are a carnival stronghold in helmbrechts and always have four carnival meetings with a very high level at the beginning of the year. The emphasis in the program is more on the dance elements. The invitation is a great honor for our city guard and it is great to be allowed to be in the state chancellery. There you can see the importance of the carnival in bavaria and our guard was presented as one of the best garden in bavaria."

The friends of the neuenmarkt carnival felt similarly honored, and alexander hollweg, who shone in the carnival in the role of silvio berlusconi as the fifth candidate for mayor of neuenmarkt, stated: "the invitation was a great thing for us and we are very grateful to inge aures for it. The visit to the maximilia-neum is also a recognition of our work."

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