Nine residents of the phonix nursing home tested positive for covid 19

In response to a question from our newspaper, corinna rosler, spokeswoman for the district administration, confirms: "it is correct that nine residents of the phonix nursing home in neustadt have currently tested positive for sars-cov-2."

But she emphasizes: "when the first infection became known, all the necessary protective measures were taken. The central part of these measures is the isolation of the residents and the work in protective clothing by the staff. Both measures, however, naturally mean a reduction in the quality of life for the residents." According to the health department’s assessment, it can be assumed that the disease would have spread more quickly and more massively in the facility if the necessary measures had not been taken from the point of view of infection hygiene. "Precisely because we know that the residents in the nursing home are particularly at risk from the new coronavirus, the health department has been working hard since the outbreak to contain the virus", in response to our inquiry, the following is stated in the message. The situation of the people in nursing homes is difficult at the moment. As a matter of principle, infectious diseases spread more easily in community facilities. Angelika sachtleben from the office for youth and family confirmed that yesterday there was a video conference of the managers of the senior citizens’ homes in the district on the topic of corona. The tenor of this is that the majority of the elderly are "not happy" the company has already been informed about restrictions and protection measures due to corona, but shows understanding – with the knowledge that the measures are intended for its protection.

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