If you look for a long time, you will find

If you look for a long time, you will find

Tuesday night, 10 p.M. The concert of a popular band is over and almost 4500 people make their way to the parking garage near the venue.

Before reaching the car, there is first of all a stop at the cash machine. What the machine wants is clear: the parking ticket!

But that only seems to occur to some contemporaries at the last second. And a frantic search begins for the card, which is believed to have disappeared into the depths of a handbag shortly after entering the parking garage.

He who seeks, finds, so the saying goes. And if you look for a long time, you will find it, but then – oh horror! – the shameless automaton wants money too! So they are again diving into the depths of the – sometimes quite coarse – bag.

This is how the game continues. And i – not necessarily blessed with patience by nature – start digging in annoyance: how long have parking garages and automatic pay stations been around now?? And is there for such people something like a "parking-card-money-bag-search-app"??

Because the cell phone, oddly enough, is in the hands of almost everyone in the queue that has grown long! This is probably quicker to find than an apparently completely unexpectedly demanded parking ticket together with the coins that the machine that suddenly jumped into the driver’s path wants to have.

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