Hewlett-packard expands job cuts

Hewlett-packard expands job cuts

As a result, the estimated cost of the entire rebuild increased from 3.5 billion dollars to 3.7 billion dollars (2.9 billion euros). Employees in germany are also affected; the company has not yet disclosed an exact figure. 10,300 people currently work for HP here, almost 4,000 of them in boblingen near stuttgart.

HP suffers from general downturn in PC business due to global economic uncertainties and increasing popularity of tablet computers and smartphones. In addition, there were in-house mistakes. In the last fiscal quarter, the industry leader posted a net loss of 8.9 billion dollars. The cleanup alone cost a negative $1.7 billion.

According to earlier reports, more than 4,000 employees have already left the company, and the figure is expected to rise to 11,500 by october. Many employees had accepted the offer of early retirement.

Quarrels and confused decisions in management had squandered a great deal of trust among customers. Leo apotheker, who came from sap for a short time, wanted to separate from the PC sector and instead focus on software. The stock plummeted then, pharmacist had to go. Meg whitman took over the top job less than a year ago.

According to data from the market research company gartner, HP is now only just at the top of the list of pc manufacturers. The chinese upstart lenovo is close on the heels of the americans in terms of stuck figures. In the second calendar quarter, HP held a 14.9 percent market share (down from 16.9 percent); lenovo improved to 14.7 percent (up from 12.7 percent). In germany, the u.S. Company has already lost its leading position, according to gartner, and has fallen to third place behind acer and lenovo.

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