Groundbreaking ceremony for the wilhelmsthal school

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Wilhelmsthal school

Hand in hand, just before eleven o'clock, a good three dozen kindergarten children march along hesselbacher strabe. They want to be there – for the groundbreaking ceremony for the school they will one day attend.

The district administrator is also coming. Shortly afterwards, a government car pulls up, klemens M. Brosig, the head of the schools division of the government of upper franconia, drops out. School board member uwe dorfer, principal ulrich weib, several town council members and another three dozen or so citizens are already there. At eleven o'clock sharp, mayor wolfgang fortsch (CSU) arrives to give a speech. "An important work must be tackled with courage and confidence", he says and adds: "a work that presents the municipality of wilhelmsthal with a great challenge in a very, very difficult time." Among other things, he points to declining birth rates and says: "the citizens of our community must accept sacrifice and renunciation for this work." At the same time, however, school is the "gateway for children to enter the world.

The groundbreaking ceremony is an important and important day for wilhelmsthal, says county administrator oswald marr: "after a long discussion process, it was decided that the school would be built. I hope that we will now pull together and make the best of it", admonishes the head of the district.

Mayor fortsch also seems to be aiming in the same direction. So he wishes not only a "good cooperation hand in hand", he says and adds, but also says: "only in a reasonable, orderly cooperation of the involved parties can one solve rough tasks". That's what it's all about from today onwards in a strong way."

"Hopefully it will really start in 2013"

The speakers are all pleased about the new school building – or as school board member uwe dorfer puts it, "about the fact that it has finally worked out. It would have been a pity if no groundbreaking ceremony had taken place today, because kronachtal is one of the best elementary schools in the district". He turns to the children, who look up to the speakers and listen intently: "I now wish that you could attend the new school in a year and a half, that it will really start in 2013/14." And architect kersten schottner promises that the results will be impressive.

Before the actual groundbreaking ceremony, i would also like to say a few words, if i may", susanne grebner, SPD/freeholder caucus chairwoman, speaks out. Finally, she is also "happy that this day has finally come" she says. My group has been fighting for this since 1996. It has taken a lot of strength and effort and there has often been a headwind. But it's good that we didn't let up." She is pleased that "the mayor has taken countermeasures after the initial phase" has given in to the pressure from various sides and now positively supports the new school building. But "only when the school is up and running and I can go in and out, do I believe in a miracle", she says.

Then it's time for the spades, with the mayor, district administrator, architect, government representatives, school board members and principal enlisting the help of the school's future visitors.

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