Geriatric nurse trumps the stars with hits

geriatric nurse trumps the stars with hits

Daniela alfinito sits at home in her small office in hesse and leafs through a photo book that fans have sent her. "This totally jolts me. Such gifts go to my heart. I owe my success to my fans," she says, signing autograph cards.

It’s going well for the 47-year-old singer from hungen in the district of gieben. At the beginning of the year, alfinito experienced the high point of her career: with her new album ("du warst jeder trane wert"), she got off to a brilliant start and conquered the top spot in the german album charts.

With its meteoric rise to number one, it also managed the feat of leaving behind the likes of udo lindenberg and herbert gronemeyer. "I never expected this. It’s all dreamy. And it’s nice to have a schlagerfuzzi up there, too," she says with a laugh at the meeting with the german press agency. She can cope with the fact that the high-flying didn’t last, because no one can take away the momentary impression she made. The award for first place stands on a sideboard in the living room of her spacious house.

The name daniela alfinito will not be known to the masses yet. But she has long been active in the german pop music business. In 2008 she released her first album ("bahnhof der sehnsucht"), her current album is number nine. Much better known than alfinito are her father bernd (68) and her uncle karl-heinz ulrich (70). They form the schlager duo "die amigos" (current album: "110 karat") and have become stars of the scene. Anyone who has seen the amigos once, imagines the two musicians with their striking outfits.

Looking back at her teachers, alfinito, who has been married to husband domenico (51) for almost 25 years and bears his resonant last name, says: "i owe a lot to the amigos. They taught me a lot, for example in singing."Because she does not have any training in this field. At the age of seven she stood on stage with them for the first time and was allowed to sing along. "That’s when i realized what it’s like to have people cheering for you," she says. Now she is making a career for herself, but not as a full professional, for whom everything revolves around music on a daily basis.

Alfinito says: "it is and remains for the time being a hobby. I didn’t want to give up my job at the old people’s home for my music career."From monday to thursday she works as a nurse for the elderly, from friday to sunday she performs in shows. This year they expect 120 dates. The main part takes place in discos. But she can also be seen on tour with colleagues from the industry in the rough schlager hit parade. With them is for example old star bernhard brink.

In addition to stage appearances, autograph sessions in shopping malls, for example, have recently become part of her everyday life. Alfinito likes that – to get close to her fans. She wants to be a singer to touch. "I am down to earth", she likes to emphasize. "I won’t leave until everyone has got their autograph and picture. I also like to talk to people." The resonance to her performances is very different. "There have been 15,000 people at an open air concert with others in switzerland. But I have also sung in front of 50 people in ulrichstein in the vogelsberg."

When she comes home from the gigs or the work in the old people’s home, she is immediately drawn out again. Then she goes out of the garden gate, crosses a road, and a little later she is standing in the open air. Her doberman-rude falcon scampers across field paths, and daniela alfinito follows happily behind with a light stride.

The walks help her to breathe and relax. "Working in an old people’s home takes a lot of energy. But for me it is already to make people happy. And I connect that again with the music. I make these people happy as well."Gluck is a word that appears more frequently in her lyrics. And it is nothing less than the very raw feelings about which alfinito sings: "love, longing, being abandoned, getting together, sorrow."She is not one to sing about socially critical issues. "Love is one of the strongest emotions, and trannies are also constant companions in life."She also "prefers to appeal to the masses" with her songs. The lyrics come from songwriters, some also from father bernd ulrich.

Musically, the goal to serve the "broad masses" is clearly recognizable. It is not uncommon for the listeners to hear a bass that sometimes seems uniform in the songs. But people who want to dance discofox to it won’t complain. Her producer is michael dorth, who also works with the amigos, and earlier with michael wendler.

About her musical development, alfinito says: "lately, i wanted to sound more upbeat and i also wanted to appeal more to younger people."She is ambitious ("when i do something, i see it through"), but she does not have a rough master plan for her career in mind. "I’ll let it all come to me," she says, leaning back in her chair.

For papa bernd it is already a round thing. "I am incredibly proud. She’s earned it because she’s worked hard for all those appointments and appearances. But she must not sound like the amigos and will go her own way."

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