G8 demand “serious dialogue” from tehran

G8 demand 'serious dialogue' from Tehran

Before the start of the new round of talks this saturday in istanbul, the G8 ministers warned the leadership in tehran not to drag out the negotiations with the international community once again. They also sent a clear warning to north korea: the regime should refrain from the announced rocket launch. In syria they see chances for a peaceful solution.

At the end of a ministerial meeting in washington, the group of eight urged iran on thursday to engage in a "constructive and serious dialogue without preconditions," according to a final statement obtained by dpa. Federal minister guido westerwelle (FDP) said: "it is not about any propaganda language or playing for time."The G8 wanted to prevent a nuclear armament of the iran "absolutely".

Iran is suspected of working on the atomic bomb under the cover of a civilian nuclear program. This saturday, after a break of more than a year, talks between tehran and the international community are to begin again in istanbul. Germany is also present at the deliberations. Eagle secretary hillary clinton indicated cautious optimism at the end of the ministerial meeting. "We’re getting signals that they’re bringing ideas to the negotiating table," she said of the tehran at a press conference at the washington aube ministry.

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