Four new bavarian proposals for world heritage sites

Bavaria enters the national race for inclusion in the unesco world heritage list with four new proposals: the three royal palaces of ludwig II., the hall of the nurnberg nazi war crimes trials, the alpine and pre-alpine meadow and moor landscapes, and the buildings of the augsburg water industry. This was the decision taken by the state government at its cabinet meeting in munich on tuesday, as state chancellery head thomas kreuzer (CSU) subsequently put it. The four bavarian proposals will now go to the conference of education ministers, which will draw up a list of proposals for the whole of germany – the so-called tentative list. It will be years before unesco makes its decision. The next german tentative list will be worked off from 2018.

A total of 13 municipalities applied, but the expert commission appointed by the state government then selected four proposals. Four proposed his a lot anyway, kreuzer said about it. The most famous are without any doubt the three royal locksmiths ludwigs II. – linderhof, neuschwanstein and herrenchiemsee, which the commission described as "built dreams of historicism" rated. Courtroom 600 in nurnberg was chosen because it was the first time that an international court judged the former head of state of a single country in the war crimes trials after the second world war. Thus the state government sees the nurnberg hall as the birthplace of the people’s criminal law.

The fame of augsburg’s water management – a branched historical canal and pipe system that supplied water to trade and industry – and the meadow and moor landscapes, on the other hand, is limited to specialist circles. Kreuzer emphasized that the commission of experts was composed of recognized historians and experts from all parts of the country and was independent in its decision-making.
However, supra-regional fame is not necessarily a criterion for unesco.

Bavaria is represented by seven world heritage sites so far. These are the wurzburg residence, the wieskirche, the bamberger altstadt, the regensburg altstadt, the bayreuth margraviate opera house, the prehistoric pile dwellings around the alps, and the upper germanic-ratic limes.

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