Foundation times literally in the deanery coburg

Foundation times literally in the deanery coburg

It rattles in the box. Anke kroll is just throwing in a whole bunch of old pens. The kulis, felt pens and markers do not write anymore, but are still good for something. They become money to provide schooling for 200 syrian girls in a refugee camp in lebanon.
The box is a collection box for a campaign that starts from the women’s world prayer day (wgt). The german committee of the WGT cooperates nationwide with the company BIC, which donates one cent per pen for the school project.
"Everyone has a few old pens somewhere in a drawer or something. He just has to donate them instead of throwing them in the mull. Then he will be doing something good" says anke kroll. She wants to collect as many discarded pens as possible for the coburg protestant deanery.
Anyone can join in and go on the hunt for old donations. But of course it makes sense to join forces. Companies could, for example, launch an appeal among their employees, school classes or church congregations could go on a collection tour for old pens together. Anyone who is convinced that they can collect a good 15 kilos of pens can register themselves as a collection point. It’s easy to do at [email protected]
In schools or companies, you could set up a collection box and label it accordingly, advises anke kroll. But of course such actions have to be coordinated with the company or the school management.

Self-shipping from 15 kilos

A free return label for the shipment can be requested online. Pack the pens neatly, stick a label on them and send them off. The package will go directly to BIC. It should not be sent to the WGT-committee, because then it had to be brought from there to the donation partner on the way. By the way, there is no sticker with which the shipping would be free of charge. The WGT team emphasizes that the package must weigh more than 15 kilos, otherwise it will not be included in the evaluation. If everything fits, one pencil is calculated for every ten grams and the project is automatically credited with one cent. Because each package brings in at least 15 euros, and one of the girls can be equipped with school materials for 4.50 euros, the nationwide WGT campaign should be able to finance the school project in the medium term, as anke kroll calculates.
In june there will be an interim report on what has been received so far. It should also be an incentive to buy again. At the end of 2018, because that’s how long the campaign will run, it will become clear what can be achieved with the discarded pens from german drawers.

This may go in, which is not

It is allowed to hand in ballpoint pens, gel rollers, markers, felt-tip pens, mechanical pencils, correcting agents (also tippex bottles), fullers and cartridges, also metal pens.
Not allowed not accepted are erasers, glue sticks, linieale, pencils, crayons printer cartridges and scissors.

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