Environmental station: county sets clear deadline for marktsteft

The trouble had already been rough in the district environmental committee. Now, a few days later, the issue has once again come to the fore in the district committee. It’s about the district’s planned environmental station, which is to be built in the old marktsteft harbor. A prestigious project with a focus on education for sustainable development (ESD). However, only the negative headlines are currently sustainable. Reason: the project, which the city of marktsteft wanted to build and the district wanted to operate, simply isn’t getting off the ground.

There is no building application, no sound time schedule – not to mention a serious financial plan. At the center of the criticism: marktsteft’s mayor thomas reichert (CSU), who has promised a lot but not yet delivered anything. The county council is therefore now tightening the screws: all three applications must be submitted by the end of september, according to the ultimatum given to the city.

It also became clear in the discussion that if the targets are not met by the end of september, marktsteft is out of the game. There is currently no plan B, said landratin tamara bischof, but one will not be long on the nose herumtanzen. "Marktsteft must deliver now!", says the district leader. Apart from the CSU, the displeasure went through all factions. For the SPD, margit hofmann emphasized that "it must now continue positively or be terminated. Josef mend (freie wahler) insists on "reliable figures". For the FDP, hans muller emphasized that they were "mablos enttauscht".

Everything at zero?

The almost unanimous opinion: many rates increasingly regret the decision of the county council from may 2019 to establish the environmental station in marktsteft. Turning the mood around once again could be a major task for mayor reichert in the coming weeks. If this does not succeed and the guidelines are not followed as required, the project will have to start all over again and go back to square one.

However, it is also clear that dettelbach, which was the losing candidate at the time, would not automatically be given a new start. Tamara bischof at least hinted at how things could continue: perhaps, if the worst came to the worst, they would have to think about building the environmental station on land owned by the county.

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