Discussing the proposal without polemics

The women’s list takes a stand on the letter to the editor by herbert kaiser (FT from 13. April, page 12). In it, kaiser addressed the women’s list demanding a change of name for the gottfried neukam middle school.
The women’s list refers to the "unhappy career" gottfried neukams in the third reich. "This can be read by anyone interested, among other places in the kronach city archives, in the coburg state archives and in the local newspapers of the time." Here are three examples: "1. Neukam was made an honorary councillor in 1939 because he had proved himself in a special way as a national socialist in the service of adolf hitler (kronacher rundschau 4.11.1939); 2. He was a demanding member of the SS – albeit with a small amount of money (coburg state archives); 3. What he later concealed: also thanks to a scholarship from a judic foundation, he became a well-known kronach artist ("volk-heimat-dorf" – ideology and reality in the rural area of the 1930s and 1940s)."
It is not understandable why there is such a strong resistance against changing the name of the school. To respond to herbert kaiser’s letter to the editor: "such a vehemently expressed misogynistic insult is unworthy of a former school principal."
That the dead must remain untouched does not apply to public figures. Otherwise, according to angela degen-madaus, there could be no historical research. As factual and free of polemics as the application of the women’s list was put, so should be the answer to the naming of the foundation. It goes without saying that the school concerned, with its management, staff, parents and school community, must also be heard. Freedom of speech is protected in germany – and this is not only a matter of course in a democracy, but also a prerequisite for the functioning of our constitutional state.

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