Csu calls for self-sufficient water supply

The topic of water supply was the central concern of a CSU members’ meeting in kirchehrenbach, to which local chairman and second mayor michael knorlein had invited people in the context of a dammerschoppen.

The situation report was provided by councilman johannes schnitzerlein. Twelve years ago, after a redesign of the water supply system, a new high-tank "booster" was built with farsightedness and 850 cubic meters of capacity, the new plant was built. The current situation of the well and the riser that feeds the elevated tank: the well has already been cut to 30 meters by a specialist company using a "pig" explored and currently brings as good as no more debris. The second source "steiger the water supply is now only providing a minimum output and not three to four liters per second as before. This is certainly also due to the very dry summer months of recent years, but other possible causes must now be investigated.

For months, a lot of water has been pumped up from the deep borehole in the wiesent valley into the steiger elevated tank. In response to a question from the CSU, it was confirmed that the groundwater level in the shallow borehole has meanwhile moved far downwards. For the municipality of kirchehrenbach, this means, says schnitzerlein, that the rejuvenation of the steiger and lochholz springs must be carried out as quickly as possible or, as was considered in the municipal council, a ring association with the grafenberg group, pretzfeld or forchheim could be formed for an emergency supply.

According to construction expert eduard herrmann, rough funding has been made available for these emergency supply lines, but this should by no means be a permanent solution for kirchehrenbach. The CSU demands as self-sufficient a solution as possible for its municipal water supply.

In the most recent meeting, according to schnitzerlein, the municipal council commissioned an engineering firm to examine the extent to which renovation could be carried out. In addition, the decision was made to cooperate with the municipal utilities of forchheim, as the company did not want to afford its own water master for cost reasons. In case of need we could join forchheim or the grafenberg kasberg group.

This called old castle mayor waldemar hofmann on the plan, whose ambition, as he said, has always been a self-sufficient security of self-supply with high-quality drinking water for kirchehrenbach. In wise foresight, the municipality had acquired the agriculturally unattractive meadow area "egelsee" within the framework of rural development in the valley between kirchehrenbach and pretzfeld, because there was a coarser water deposit and thus an ideal location for another well would be.

In his opinion, the ecological compensation area does not contradict the use of this area as a future additional mainstay for the kirchehrenbach water supply. According to second mayor michael knorlein, the CSU will support a fundamental study of the "egelsee" corridor area use as a further future-proof mabnahme for kirchehrenbachs water supply. An application will be submitted to the municipal council.

The discussion round agreed with the suggestion of oldburg mayor waldemar hofmann to contract out test drilling and a sound resonance survey by the municipality to a specialist company, as was already planned a decade and a half ago.

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