Betting process: juve coach conte remains suspended

Betting process: juve coach conte remains suspended

The federal court of the italian football federation (FIGC) confirmed on wednesday as the second instance in the betting process the punishment of the FIGC disciplinary commission. Conte had demanded an acquittal. He denies the offense and appeals in the next instance to the arbitration court of the national olympic committee of italy (TNAS). This meets in three weeks at the earliest. His lawyers then hope at least for a reduction of the penalty, especially since the association court considered conte’s guilt in one charge as not proven. However, in his former club’s game at albinoleffe, the association’s judges believe that conte knew about a result agreement.

His co-coach at the time, angelo alessio, was also convicted again for not reporting manipulated results. However, his ban was reduced from eight to six months. As long as the coaching team is out, youth coach massimo carrera sits on the juve bench. He also represented conte and alessio in the victories in the supercup against SSC napoli and in the luigi berlusconi cup against AC milan.

While the legal investigation of the betting affair continues for conte and alessio, it is over for juve players leonardo bonucci and simone pepe. They were also acquitted in the second instance of the suspicion of match fixing. The court apparently found the chief witness andrea masiello untrustworthy. The suspended pro had accused former bari defender bonucci and former udinese player pepe of being involved in a result-rigging duel between their former clubs. FIGC chief anchorman stefano palazzi had called for a three-and-a-half-year ban for bonucci and a one-year ban for pepe.

The appeal hearing for emanuele pesoli, who had gone on hunger strike for a few days in front of the FIGC building in rome in protest against his three-year ban, ended with a dismissal. The court confirmed the suspension for the former siena player, who is alleged to have been directly involved in collusion on results.

US lecce’s appeal against its forced relegation from the second division was also rejected. US grosseto was acquitted in the second instance. The ban from series B has been lifted, so that the tuscany club can now compete in the second highest division after all.

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