Aura has a lot planned for the new year

Aura has a lot planned for the new year

After a quieter year, aura picks up speed again for further building activities. Planned projects include the redesign of the tenth square, the new construction area "am hahn II", and the construction of a new public transport system, the canal renovation in klein-aura and the design of the surroundings of the festival hall.

In the castle meeting, to which mayor thomas hack welcomed around 50 visitors, he explained the m acceptance of the "tenth" , which will extend to klosterfeldstrabe. He estimated the renovation costs, including the renewal of the water and sewer lines, at approx. 800 000 euros. Hack expects a demand of 70 percent. The implementation could begin next fall with the preparatory work whereby engineer matthias kirchner still explicitly explains the planning in a meeting of residents.

In the new construction area, the land acquisition has been completed, nesting pits have been implemented and the cleared trees will be replaced by new plantings. The head of the town hall estimates that the development of 25 building sites will be completed by spring 2020 and the construction of houses can begin.

The sewer renovation in kleinaura is accompanied by new house connections and a renewed street surface. The cost of the project is around 550,000 euros. The design of the festival hall pit, the last part of the village renewal, extends from the gravel surface to the slope of the football field. In this area there will also be a water cistern for the loach. For the complex, however, there is no plan and no budget available yet. A grant will be awarded, but it is not yet clear from which pot it will come.

As further measures, the mayor mentioned the sidewalk renovation in the schulstrabe, which helpers from the church community have already begun to prepare. The burgersteig there will receive a paved surface in the coming spring. The new fire truck is on the table and should arrive before christmas. It costs around 170,000 euros, with a subsidy of 50,000 euros.

Hack also provided information on the operating agreement with the saale-thulba wastewater association (AZV). He expects this to provide long-term operational reliability, technical and legal support, and future viability for the aura clearing plant. "We need a strong partner, but the clear plant stays with us", he underlined. The contract costs amount to approx. 15,000 euros, which the municipality is transferring to water contributions.

The aura swimming pool experienced a record summer with 8,000 visitors and corresponding revenues, which limited the deficit to a minimum. When it came to water, roland hirt was interested in the amount of water taken from the water well, which does not carry drinking water and has been shut down since 1997. As municipal councilor hartmut vierle informed, the amount amounts to approx. 900 cubic meters. "The well is currently well filled", he added.

Jutta hofmann stayed on topic with her question about the water supply in the new construction area. Aura obtains 20 percent of its drinking water from oberthulba. "What happens when oberthulba can no longer supply water?" This "GAU hack could hardly imagine. Udo tillemann’s question about the distribution of future fees for the wetlands was answered by the fact that 70 percent of the fees will be contributions and 30 percent will be paid by the public.

Information on the planned mountain bike trail was requested by winfried schmitt from the aura forestry corporation. The mayor referred to a meeting next thursday at the district administration office, where questions will be dealt with. It is certain that the owners of the forest do not have to assume any liability or maintenance obligation. The "schrenkgraben" that was recently inspected is also property of the forest corporation. The water management office, which wants an approach there, proposed a purchase that will only come about if all forest owners play along.

The municipality would like to ecologically treat the sold land on the main road for bees and insects. A meadow of flowers is to grow here, which will receive only one mowing a year. The landfill site for excavated earth, which has been closed since 2014, can no longer be used for storage. Therefore, the community applied for a new permit. The restoration of the corpus of the wayside cross on the main road is in progress and will be completed in the spring. For this the municipality pays 10 000 euro, including 2000 euro grant from the district.

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