Auntie-emma-store: austrians invest in schlecker stores

auntie-emma-store: austrians invest in schlecker stores

"I expect that by the end of next year, depending on the speed of our expansion, we will employ up to 3,000 people in germany," said haberleitner. Schlecker insolvency administrator arndt geiwitz offered him his support.

The viennese financial investor is, according to his own statements, an experienced corporate restorer. In august, he and his investment company TAP 09 had already taken over 1350 stores in austria and several other european countries from schlecker’s insolvency administrator and converted them into a convenience store called "dayli. About a week ago the austrian gambling company novomatic took a 50 percent stake in dayli. Together they now want to bring the concept to germany. The drugstore chain schlecker slipped into insolvency in january of this year and at that time still had more than 5,000 stores in germany alone.

"For me, the whole thing has no commercial aspect, it’s all about the humanitarian idea," haberleitner told dpa. He wants to give people back the convenience store, because according to his calculations, one third of the customers had no possibility to go to the shopping center on the green meadow.

His new stores are to offer everything needed for everyday life in cities with a population of 5,000 or more in the center: for example, drugstore items, groceries, clothing, electrical goods and services such as cleaning. According to haberleitner, everything that is not in stock in the store can be ordered there for the next day using a special system: "we had this protected."The target group includes not only older people but also young people without cars.

The investor takes over nothing from schlecker but the locations, which he rents from the respective building owners. He has already secured 484, and by the end of 2013 it could be up to 600, said haberleitner. Word of his plan had spread through the landlords, and he had already been contacted by numerous ex-schlecker employees. He made no promises: "we will acquire the best people we can get."The new stores are to be set up in the coming year, initially in southern bavaria, southern baden-wurttemberg, rhineland-palatinate and brandenburg.

The schlecker insolvency administrator, who is currently winding up the once billion-dollar drugstore empire, has nothing to do with the project. The leases for the stores have been signed, and the former branches have been vacated, a spokesman said. How the store space was used in the future was solely a matter for the landlords.

Nevertheless, administrator geiwitz offered his help. "The concept with which "dayli" at the start, namely to be a real local supplier, is quite close to what the reorganization plan of the insolvency administrator also envisaged," said the spokesman. If he can help haberleitner in any way, geiwitz will be happy to do so. For example, it could establish contacts with the landlords of the old schlecker stores.

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