An end and a new beginning

An end and a new beginning

A few weeks ago, bishop friedhelm hofmann visited the farm. Once again a small high point. But now the inn "zum hirschen" is open closed in ebenhausen. At least for the time being. The owners carola and willi schneider have found a buyer who wants to take over the rooms for foreigners and the gastronomy. The bowling alley, however, is no longer operated.
The farewell is not necessarily difficult. "We've been doing this long enough, says willi schneider. He is looking forward to a normal life. Now there is more time for bicycle tours. "You no longer have to think about what to put on the menu", says the innkeeper. For usual there were often game dishes on the menu.

A traditional inn
The stag has been around for over 100 years. How long exactly, the schneiders do not know. In 1964, however, the house received a certificate of 70 years of beer purchase from the wahler brewery.
Carola schneider's great-grandfather was already an innkeeper. There found the inn, which was previously a warmestube, still in the hennebergstrabe. Carola schneider took over the business from her father. In 1983 she and her husband opened the new inn in raiffeisenstrabe. "We started with a buffet", the trained cook tells. And with a buffet ended also the time in the hirschen.
In the following weeks, the schneiders cleared the private rooms in which they lived. The gastronomic equipment remains. But that is not the only thing that remains. Schneider wants to continue producing his own fruit brandies. The varieties range from pear, mirabelle and cherry to plum and quince.

Many commuters as guests
The guests at the hirschen were mostly people traveling for work. There were fewer people passing through. At the moment there are from time to time because of the oerlenbacher detour. There were, however, occasional visitors from abroad. Most of them came from the netherlands, denmark and sweden. They were looking for shelter on their onward journey to the south.
Willi schneider can't remember any celebrities who have been guests. "If, then highly anonymous", he says. The most prominent visitor was the bishop, who recently stopped at the hirschen. Even if there is more time for other things, there is one thing the schneiders will miss. "The contact to the nice guests", says willi schneider. Especially the regulars who have come back again and again over the years.

Melancholy and plans
The schneiders sometimes want to use the newfound time for short trips. "We are not people who just stay at home", says willi schneider. "But we are not emigrating", adds his wife. She now likes to visit friends more often who may have missed out before. "When I'm bored, I might look for a temp job", says her husband. But there is still enough to do. After all, there is still some paperwork to be taken care of. "It won't happen overnight", says willie schneider.

Heavy stand on the land
The new owner of the hirschen will not necessarily have it easy. Because in the region many restaurateurs have their problems. "There will be less and less local on the villages", says willi schneider. That is also due to the fact that there are more and more village festivals. "You don't know where to go on weekends", says the innkeeper.
Carola schneider believes there are fewer guests because many clubs now have their own locales. Another reason is that people no longer go to the economy after processions, but go home. Hardly anyone comes to the early pint these days, and card playing has also declined. "In the past, people sometimes drank until five o'clock at night", tells carola schneider. But it is normal that this changes, she says. Today they all have their cell phones and laptops. "Young people who are always looking at their cell phones don't learn how to talk", says the innkeeper. They sit opposite each other and communicate through their cell phones.
It will probably be a few more weeks before the new owners reopen the inn. What exactly is planned, the schneiders do not know at the moment. Only that the new owners are from the balkans. Maybe there will be a few more unusual dishes on the menu than before. But that's not so important to the schneiders anymore: the inn is sold, retirement begins.

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